Wednesday, May 23, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday #5

This week has more productive in the garden than at the sewing table.  (No surprise there.)  I bought this great new fabric that has big plans.

I am going to make a swim bag for my sis, parents and myself, if I get my act together.  Always so torn between two hobbies (or three or four)  that I love.  I am going to make it close to the Sail Away Tote, I designed a couple weeks back. 

I have been working on my first Dresden.  I think that so far, I like it the best.  I haven't tried a whole lot of different blocks, but I really like these a lot.  I have heard that they are addicting.  (I can see why.)

I have also come to the realization that I am pretty sure I have so sort of disorder.  I found a crocheted pillow on Pinterest this weekend and fell in love.  I went crazy crocheting it for two nights.  A disorder, I tell you.  Here is just a little peak of what it looks like.  I love it, and will probably make 4 or 5 more at least.  I will show you the rest tomorrow.  Do you feel the suspense building?  Last, if you are a new visitor, I am having a giveaway and you can go here if you are interested.  It it ends on Friday.

I have three sewing projects in the process and
two crochet project half completed

 See you soon.

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  1. Your pillow looks really interesting. I also commend you on doing the dresden. I'm still a little wary of them.

    1. You will have to check out the pillow tomorrow. As for the Dresden, Try it! I am no where experienced in quilting. It was so much fun. I have ideas to do a couple more. A catchy disease, it is. I love to look at tutorials before I try anything and the Missouri Star Quilt Company has some great ones. They have a couple on Dresdens. Please tell me if you dared to try it.