Thursday, May 10, 2012

Newborn Elf Hat

As I posted a few days ago, a photographer family friend wanted me to crochet her a few hats.  She had sent me this link to Neanners Shop.  In there, she had the cutest elf style hat and it had a pattern.  It is not very often that you find the exact project that you want and it has a FREE pattern.  Here is the link to get you there so you can make one for your newborn also: Crochet munchkins Hat Pattern.  Of course the tail is super long and should only be worn under strict supervision.
(Since the posting of this: the pattern is now UNAVAILABLE)

The directions were relatively easy.  I think I might have to try making a larger size for my munchkins.

Stay Busy, Stay Happy! 

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  1. Hi cute hat. I made one of these once. As you notice I said once. It took me to long to want to make another one. Ha Ha. I am now following you, I would love for you to follow me back. If your are interested in trading links let me know.
    Thanks, Marcie @

    1. After making the first, I contemplating making a the second. Thanks for being a follower and I would love to check out your web site.

  2. Oh my word! Those are SO cute! I love the colors you picked! Congrats on another really fun finish and thank you for linking up!

    xo -E

    P.S. Love your header! It is gorgeous. Is that new?