Wednesday, May 2, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday #2

So for this week, I finished my tote that a family member had special ordered.   Here is another pic, if you missed the earlier post.   And this is how it turned out...

I  loved working on it.  I am enjoying designing and making bags and totes a lot more than I had anticipated.  I also finished a couple little newborn hats this week. 

My W.i.P.'s

I have an almost finished Peony Scrubby for my munchkin.  It needs a little hanging loop made out of the green scrubby thread that seems to be out of stock for 2 weeks now.

I still have yet to remove the Pin Wheel table runner from the tote, but I will get to it really soon. (Hopefully)  The days get warmer and I end up spending a lot less time indoors and a whole lot more soaking in the rays and enjoying watching little feet make laps in the yard.

Finishes: 1 tote bag, 2 crochet baby hats
W.I.P.'s: 1 flower scrubby, and a pin wheel table runner

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  1. Your tote looks great, that's a fun print. Your baby hats look sweet, love the flower embellishment on the red one.

    1. The red is my favorite also! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love the baby hats! So cute!

  3. Your tote is super cute- it looks great!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment and stopping by!

  4. Hi! I was hoping to catch you at Mair's pampered chef party. I'm not sure if the email address I have for you is right... I have a reply in my sent box from the shower RSVP, but you didn't get it. I had a couple newborn had/project ideas that I was hoping to maybe commission you for. Can you email me with your email address and I can forward you what I had in mind :)

    So glad you told me about your blog! I love seeing what you are working on.... and makes me a bit sad that my sewing machine is collecting dust.


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