Monday, April 30, 2018

Block #4 of It's a "Wild" Life BOM

Here we are at our 4th block for the 

We are back to a little piecing.
I know a lot of you will 
be excited about that.
This month is just 
one single block.

It is created by our designer 

It is the Bear Paw block.
You can find the pattern 
at Moosestash Quilting.
It will be free for the month
of May, after that there
will be a small fee.

If you have missed the other 
blocks, here is a quick recap.

April's Blocks

The Big Tree and 

Little Tree Stand Tall
The pattern can be found HERE.

March's Block 

Deer Meadow

The pattern can be found HERE.

February's Blocks

 Maple Leaves.
The block pattern can be found HERE.

All of my blocks are created using beautiful fabrics,
by one of our BOM sponsors

It is a mix of my stash and
Lori Holt's Bee Basics,
Lori Holt's Bee Backgrounds,
and Outdoors Wood Grain in Cream.
I am also using a variety 
of different Aurifil Threads. 

To find the whole schedule for
the 2018 BOM, click HERE!
There are no sign ups,
just follow my blog to
to get access to the block when
they are released.

Here are the designers that will
be participating this year.
Their blocks for April
are all up and looking gorgeous!
and of course myself.  

Feel free to join us on
Facebook as well,
HERE is our group.

Be sure to
Add your blocks to the link party below
for a chance to win
a fabric surprise from this
month's sponsor.

The winner of April's
prize is Deb Manowske!
Check out this creative block.

She will be receive a prize
 from our April sponsor

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April Island Batik Ambassador Challenge

April seemed to just fly by
and I almost forgot to 
share my 
Vintage Quilts Inspiring 
New Creations project.

I do enjoy a good challenge 
and within my Island Batik Ambassador box.

I had received a good many browns,
browns of all different shades.  
I wanted to be challenged with 
being a Ambassador, so 
I didn't chose a color preference in what
fabrics I would like to have received.
That does make a challenge, 
doesn't it? 

This challenge brought out all 
of those gorgeous and rich browns out 
and a little pop of orange.

I even found the perfect matching Aurifil
thread color.
#1130 was so rich, gorgeous,
and matched my applique design to a tee.

I absolutely love the color palette

 the vintage look and
feel to this quilt.

I wasn't able to get this all quilted up, 
because I would love to use my 
Free Motion Quilting on my machine, 
but it still seems to be giving me
a bit of trouble.
I didn't think straight line quilting
would quite do it justice,
so I will just have to wait to get it finished.

 I can't wait to show 
you what is in store for next month. 

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Monday, April 23, 2018

All Quilted Up!

After going to a quilt shop
in March, I decided to do 
things a bit different.
Standing in line, I spoke to 
two fellow quilters.
One had stated that she had 70 
quilt tops that were competed,
but not quilted.
Yikes, 70!
I felt the few that I had
in my room were getting out of hand
Like this one, 

that had been sitting in 
my sewing room, since September of 2014.
I absolutely love the quilt, 
but why was a waiting to get it quilted?
I didn't want to end up with 70 quilt tops
laying in my sewing room.
(I have about 10, which is way more than enough)

Granted, I love quilting, but 
the thought of having all those pieces 
to be unfinished got me thinking about
it isn't really a quilt until it is all done.

I also had my Nutty Christmas quilt
in this pile of the unfinished.

Which dated back to last year
Another one, that I just love!!

I really didn't like the thought of
all of the labor that I did and would 
love to share on my walls, beds, 
or as gifts, but instead it was in a box, 
or stuffed in a cupboard
and counted as one of the countless
unfinished quilts.
Aren't quilts supposed to be used 
and loved?

After this little dilemma,
I decided that I was not 
going to add anymore to my pile.

My favorite part of the whole 
quilting process is designing 
and piecing.
I am a ok quilter, but 
I wanted to send these both off
to a professional.
finished my Koi Quilt, so I let her 
have a hand at both of these and
I knew that she could do a 
much better job than I 
could do.
Let's just say, 
I love them to pieces.

Every detail was just perfect. 
I absolutely can't wait to have it 
gracing my living room wall 
next to our Christmas tree this year.

Then, there was my sewing room quilt.

 She put so many adorable little details
in the quilting.

I absolutely love it as well. 

So, no more having all 
these pretty unfinished quilts laying 
folded, and in the unfinished pile.
I would hate the thought of these
quilts that gave me joy in the creating, 
not being used and enjoyed.
What a waste that would be!

I am sorry if I have hit a cord 
with any of you that have those 70 
quilt tops sitting around.
Why did you create them, 
just so that they could gather dust, 
fade, and not be loved?
So go and get those
lovelies all quilted up.
There is someone out there who
would just love one of the 70.
That someone just might be you!! 

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