Thursday, November 12, 2015

Blizzard Warning

Do you ever make craft promises to yourself?
No, nothing like I won't buy yarn or fabric for a
month and then have a relapse.
I mean from an artistic point.
Several years back, after my grandmother passed
away, she left many crocheted granny squares in a bag.
After many hours of putting them together,
I made a promise to myself that well....
I would never make anything with any granny squares.
I didn't like the whole idea of having
 to crochet or sew them together. 
It is a good thing that we are all able to grow and
change our minds.
The change of mind came from a pattern.

It is called Blizzard Warning. 
It is created by Every Trick on the Hook.
You can find the pattern for free
right now on Ravelry.
You can either make a hexagon
or as a granny square.
  I chose the later.
Although, a hexagon could be in the near future.
I made a single crocheted seam in the center
connecting the squares. 

I have big plans for
this lovely, so
you'll have to check in later.
I could be snowed in.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Handmade Holiday Hop

Is it really getting that time of the year? 
 Christmas trees, Angels and Carols, ohh my!!
 I am over
at the Therm-O-Web blog giving
a tutorial on how to make these fabric Christmas ornaments.
You could also use them as a fancy gift tag.
They don't take a lot of time and
they are no sew
and so fun to play with.

This one is my favorite. 
I am in love with aqua.
I hope that you hop on over and check it out.
There is a prize package worth over $600
and some really great Holiday ideas.

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