Wednesday, April 30, 2014

If you feel like it.....

I don't know if you noticed but Accuquilt 
is holding a little block contest.
There are some great prizes up for grabs
and you don't even have to enter
a block,
Just Vote.
So remember that flag
I made a month ago
for one of my kiddos.
Well, I decided to make it into a block!/entry/6579987
 Voting takes place from today, May 1st thru May 27thru.
 So take a minute and pop on over to Accuquilt and vote.
  (And if you wanted to vote for my Little Sunshine design,
 right HERE, I would be over the moon)  
But most of all just vote :)
And you can vote once a day
to win some great prizes!!
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Some More Stitchin'

I finished Block #7 of the LMS Quilty Stitches with 
A little purple and orange

I have some super secret sewing I need to
get busy on.  So, I will just leave you
with these..
Chopping up some Kona Fields of Irises
(Isn't it Pretty,
I LOVE Solids)
For a Graduation Present
I can't wait to get busy sewing
this up and
showing it off.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 If you are looking for the EQ7 Hop Post you can find it HERE.

I do believe that we
are all blessed with certain
SUPER Powers.

It is how we use
them that makes all
the difference.

When the Super Powers hop
came around, I thought ahhh
this should be really pretty easy.

Then, it came down to
what do I really like to do.
Well, the list could fill up
a page of likes and loves.

I thought I would share with you
a little more about me.  If,
you have followed me awhile,
you know how much I love to do anything
crafty, but did you know.

One of my favorite Super Powers is
I love to garden and spend
every possible moment outside

My yard is filled with hundreds,
maybe thousands of bulbs that bloom in the
spring and well,
that is just the spring.
I love every part of spending
time outdoors.
I love pulling weeds (Yes, a little weird I agree),
mowing the lawn, planting, pruning...
So, at first I picked Outdoors
as a Super Power
and made these....

All bright and cheery napkins
like my Outdoors Super Powers
or garden is.  All stitched with DMC threads,
I have never used anything but. 
Let's say my thread collection is a
bit extensive.

Well, last night
I was thinking
Loving the Outdoors Really
Isn't My Super SUPER Power

So, I picked up a needle and went to work on this

Have you figured it out yet?

Being BUSY really is
I can't go any length of time
without a needle, hook, pencil, paper,
hammer, shovel, book, camera, etc....
in my hands to keep me
too short not to be.

Well, since this was
a Super Power Hop
What is Super Powers without
a Super Hero or maybe a
Super Villain?

Well, what would life be like if
Batman didn't have Catwoman
to chase around?
My kiddos love the old
Adam West Batman TV series.
So, now one of the
kiddos will be sporting
Catwoman around.
You can find this pattern in my
Craftsy store.

So what are your SUPER POWERS?

Check out these other hoppers
who reveal their powers.


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EQ7 Photo Fun Hop and Giveaway

Let's start with I LOVE
my EQ7!  I have designed most
of my quilts in it
and enjoy playing with it.
When Carol asked me to join in
the Photo Fun hop,
I of course jumped right in.
I started with a picture I had taken
of a primrose in my backyard.

I played with it a bit with
the generic photo shop on my computer
to change up the colors to be a little
Which ended looking like this...

I am going to make a pixel quilt
so it is easier to make the colors
a little bolder.
First start with a new screen
Name your new project
and then
You need to start a new quilt
and then select Photo Patchwork.
Go to the Photo Tab
Then you can import your
photo which is located on
the top right hand side.
Pick your photo,
the photo will be then imported to
your quilt.
Your quilt will look like this
I wanted my design to cover the
whole quilt, so
after using Outside fit the
design covers the entire quilt.
So how would this all
look in fabric?
I added the black borders around the quilt.

And here is the end product
I am quite in love with Pixel.
And have a few more
quilts in mind using it.
Go and Check out a little more
EQ inspiration.
April 14th

April 15th

April 16th
How would you like to win a little something?
 Prize will be a pack of Inkjet Fabric and
one copy of Digital Essentials by Gloria Hansen

Sew glad you stopped by

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Cross Stitch'n and Winners

I finished up block #6 of the LMS Quilty Stitches.
It was a great block to add a couple more colors in
to continue on the rest of the 6 blocks.
A little splash of purple!

I have a few more spring flowers blooming.
I might have to find the time
to take a few more pictures of them all.
I just love the spring!!
And  three lucky  people
will be enjoying three fun new
lovingly known of Aunt Martha's.
I am sure you have
heard of them before.
Thanks again to Colonial Patterns for
sponsoring such a generous giveaway.
Make sure you pay them
a visit.  You can
Find them Here!
And they winners also get their
 own set of kitchen towels to embroider on. 
 Just who
are the winners?


Congrats to the three of you!!
(Lucky gals)
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