Tuesday, April 15, 2014

EQ7 Photo Fun Hop and Giveaway

Let's start with I LOVE
my EQ7!  I have designed most
of my quilts in it
and enjoy playing with it.
When Carol asked me to join in
the Photo Fun hop,
I of course jumped right in.
I started with a picture I had taken
of a primrose in my backyard.

I played with it a bit with
the generic photo shop on my computer
to change up the colors to be a little
Which ended looking like this...

I am going to make a pixel quilt
so it is easier to make the colors
a little bolder.
First start with a new screen
Name your new project
and then
You need to start a new quilt
and then select Photo Patchwork.
Go to the Photo Tab
Then you can import your
photo which is located on
the top right hand side.
Pick your photo,
the photo will be then imported to
your quilt.
Your quilt will look like this
I wanted my design to cover the
whole quilt, so
after using Outside fit the
design covers the entire quilt.
So how would this all
look in fabric?
I added the black borders around the quilt.

And here is the end product
I am quite in love with Pixel.
And have a few more
quilts in mind using it.
Go and Check out a little more
EQ inspiration.
April 14th

April 15th

April 16th
How would you like to win a little something?
 Prize will be a pack of Inkjet Fabric and
one copy of Digital Essentials by Gloria Hansen

Sew glad you stopped by

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  1. Great tutorial!! I haven't used pixel quilt layouts yet. Hmmm.....the wheels are turning..could be very interesting:)

  2. I love my EQ7 so much and it seems like I learn something new everyday. Interesting pixels layout. You know I love pixels and love using pictures to do it. Great tutorial.

  3. I would love to make a memory quilt for my mother who just lost her baby dachshund Joey. He was 15 but he was everyone's baby. Thanks for the giveaway!


  4. My first grandson is due in September so I would love to make a baby quilt with pics of his parents

  5. I don't have EQ7, but I love this pixel technique. I want to try copying a pic on fabric for a crazy quilt block.

  6. love the flower, I also did a post like this, glad I didn't now :)

  7. What a fun way to design a quilt, and so easy looking. It would be great to try a portrait quilt.

  8. That's really neat. Didn't know I could do that with my EQ. Thanks for the tip. I could have used that info when I did my pixel egg on the Kona Blog hop. I'll know next time.

  9. Beautiful pixel art Amy and a wonderful tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I would like to make a pillow with a pic of the grands.

  11. This is so much easier than I would have thought! Thanks!

  12. Love this option and it could work well for embroidery patterns too!

  13. Oh thank you! I'm still figuring out my eq7. I LOVE pixel quilts but haven't decided exactly what photo I would use!

  14. Amy that's just amazing! I don't have EQ - I've wished for it but the cost is just more than I'm willing to spend not knowing if I would really use it. But every time I see what others have done I want it. :) blessings, marlene

  15. I have never known about this. I want to try it. Thank you for this tutorial.

  16. I'd love to print off family pictures to use as blocks

  17. I've been taking pics of all the flowering cactus and would love to use them in some projects

  18. Thanks! I never knew how to make it into pixel. This was great.

  19. What an interesting technique... I wonder if that can be done with blocks? One more thing on my list of things to play with in EQ7 LOL Thank you for sharing!

  20. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing. My husband got me EQ7 for my birthday last October I haven't had time to learn :/ anything. This is sew inspiring!