Wednesday, April 30, 2014

If you feel like it.....

I don't know if you noticed but Accuquilt 
is holding a little block contest.
There are some great prizes up for grabs
and you don't even have to enter
a block,
Just Vote.
So remember that flag
I made a month ago
for one of my kiddos.
Well, I decided to make it into a block!/entry/6579987
 Voting takes place from today, May 1st thru May 27thru.
 So take a minute and pop on over to Accuquilt and vote.
  (And if you wanted to vote for my Little Sunshine design,
 right HERE, I would be over the moon)  
But most of all just vote :)
And you can vote once a day
to win some great prizes!!
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  1. Love your block! I'm off to vote right now. :-)

  2. Such a fun contest with fantastic prizes, I hope your block does well it is very lovely!

  3. Amy, I tried to vote from your site but nothing happened. However I did vote on accuquilt, and will try and remember to go back again

  4. I'm voting like a mad woman !