Thursday, April 24, 2014

Some More Stitchin'

I finished Block #7 of the LMS Quilty Stitches with 
A little purple and orange

I have some super secret sewing I need to
get busy on.  So, I will just leave you
with these..
Chopping up some Kona Fields of Irises
(Isn't it Pretty,
I LOVE Solids)
For a Graduation Present
I can't wait to get busy sewing
this up and
showing it off.

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  1. Your little stitchery blocks are really getting cute as you add more and more! I had to go over and download the blocks to make some myself. Don't know when I'll make them, but they sure are cute.

  2. i do love these blocks Amy....totally awesome big will this be and what will you turning it into .

  3. Lovely Amy! I'm working on this as well, but seem to be mentally blocked on it as I'm still working on block 1. I just can't find the drive for it for some reason, but will complete it regardless because I love the whole thing. Love the colours you chose! You are certainly an inspiration for me to keep plugging away at mine LOL

  4. Those purples are going to be perfect Irises! blessings, marlene

  5. Oh I love purple! Can't wait to see what they become. :-)

  6. I still have to get my 14 count adida before I start, all I have is 18 ct. The recipient of a purple quilt will be so thrilled.....those colors are seeeewwwww pretty !

  7. Those Colorstory collections are great! Love the colors in yours, can't wait to see what it becomes!