Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 If you are looking for the EQ7 Hop Post you can find it HERE.

I do believe that we
are all blessed with certain
SUPER Powers.

It is how we use
them that makes all
the difference.

When the Super Powers hop
came around, I thought ahhh
this should be really pretty easy.

Then, it came down to
what do I really like to do.
Well, the list could fill up
a page of likes and loves.

I thought I would share with you
a little more about me.  If,
you have followed me awhile,
you know how much I love to do anything
crafty, but did you know.

One of my favorite Super Powers is
I love to garden and spend
every possible moment outside

My yard is filled with hundreds,
maybe thousands of bulbs that bloom in the
spring and well,
that is just the spring.
I love every part of spending
time outdoors.
I love pulling weeds (Yes, a little weird I agree),
mowing the lawn, planting, pruning...
So, at first I picked Outdoors
as a Super Power
and made these....

All bright and cheery napkins
like my Outdoors Super Powers
or garden is.  All stitched with DMC threads,
I have never used anything but. 
Let's say my thread collection is a
bit extensive.

Well, last night
I was thinking
Loving the Outdoors Really
Isn't My Super SUPER Power

So, I picked up a needle and went to work on this

Have you figured it out yet?

Being BUSY really is
I can't go any length of time
without a needle, hook, pencil, paper,
hammer, shovel, book, camera, etc....
in my hands to keep me
too short not to be.

Well, since this was
a Super Power Hop
What is Super Powers without
a Super Hero or maybe a
Super Villain?

Well, what would life be like if
Batman didn't have Catwoman
to chase around?
My kiddos love the old
Adam West Batman TV series.
So, now one of the
kiddos will be sporting
Catwoman around.
You can find this pattern in my
Craftsy store.

So what are your SUPER POWERS?

Check out these other hoppers
who reveal their powers.


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  1. Amy, your SuperPowered yard is beautiful! Love your cute busy as a bee, sew you. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Bright and cheerful and busy as can be is a superpower, for sure. Your daffodils are so pretty. All of our were shot with a dose of a heavy freeze last night and are wilting fast. Great projects, Amy!

  3. Busy is a great SuperPower to have! Love your stitching!
    xo jan

  4. I can't relate to being outdoors anymore yet I can definitely relate to having something in my hands. I always have something in my hands. When I was four I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I was very, very ill and not expected to live. Afterward, my mom said I was very nervous. There was a pediatrician in our small town and she suggested that my mom keep something in my hands at all times. My mom was a high school teacher and knew about manipulatives, so she had crayons and coloring books; pencils and paper; dolls and doll clothes; games; and cards; books and books and books and everything imaginable for me. She had lacing cards. Her mother brought things from trips she and my grandfather took to his work sites. I was bored when I started first grade - we didn't have kindergarten. My first husband used to have a fit because I cross stitched in the car. He thought I should be looking at the scenery. I did from time to time, but that was boring to me - I'd rather be stitching and doing something with my hands. He got impatient when a tape or CD would finish and I didn't get it changed fast enough to suit him. He had his idea of how I should act in the car and I had mine. It was a definite point of contention. I do enjoy flowers and wish I had were able physically to take care of them. I just can't do it with my health issues. I know they don't take lots of work, but fibromyalgia is a bear. I have to hire all my yard work done. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures of your creations and you certainly know yourself when you can express your superpower like you did. Thank you for sharing and your creations are wonderful.

  5. I love your superpowers. Gardening is another favorite of mine. Love the pictures of your Daffodils, so pretty.

  6. Great super powers like you I al always busy and I think that is a super power all in itself...great job.

  7. I love being busy too. Who needs to sit idle

  8. Great super powers! I can never sit down without having something to work on in my hands.

  9. Gee, I think this has to be the first time I saw someone get a spam ad in on the same page of a site Amy.. #6, what do ya think.. Is Ruang spam? hehehe However, other than the spam, I love coming to visit you. I'm sew happy you shared your love of gardening and your love of being busy. The daffodils, one of my favorite flowers other than lilacs are so nice to see, I sew wish I was there to take in the lovely smells of spring.

    Love the napkins and your other projects and I am sew happy we are sharing the day again together.

  10. You certainly are a super-gardener and a busy bee! And your projects are wonderful.

  11. Beautiful gardens! So envious, my daffs and tulips are all still under snow. Likely won't see muscarii and crocus this year...too late in season once the snow melts. But that's what I love about perennials, there is always next year! Loving your napkins and bee project. Sew very cute!

  12. sweet napkins and love the BEE!!

  13. Your creations are fabulous! Those napkins are really pretty!

  14. These are all beauties, I love your color choices on the napkins, they look too pretty to use!

  15. do I see ruffles, oh my yes I do coming from the lady who never did ruffles before...and do I see a bee and bat profile yes I do ...coming from the lady who has hidden superpowers...yes I do... delightful napkins...I want more spring colours around me....

  16. Amy I so wish you lived close to me - I'd most certainly draw on your flower power since I'm the world worst in the yard! I love the napkin and tablecloth but I'm enamored by the Busy as a Bee mini! Is it one of your patterns? blessings, marlene

  17. Love your "busy" superpowers!! The napkins are especially, ruffley and summery!

  18. It seems that your busy superpowers add up to another, even greater one, and that is ====== GETTING A LOT DONE! Keep it up.

  19. All the projects are fabulous but the ruffled napkins are the best. Congrats on the top 2 pick. I too have to be busy all the time. My hubby says "Why can't you just sit down and rest?" REST??? Who has time for that. My mom refers to it as an adullt with ADD! too funny!

  20. It's so nice to see those beautiful flowers instead of snow for a change! Your garden is lovely, and I am jealous of it! LOL Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than a beautiful garden, but I did not inherit that gene for making me like to work in it. Those darn weeds just aggravate me! ;-) Your Busy Bee stitchery is just too cute! Being "busy as a bee" makes for a full and happy life!

  21. Yup, you're super! Loving your embroidery x

  22. Yaaa, I love your superpower in gardening, I have the same! Our tulips are coming out by hundreds, it is just beautiful and I just love this time of awakening again and showing all the colours into the sky... and the bees are again busy, like you :-)
    Nice embroidery, so full of power!
    You made me smile

  23. Your ruffled napkins are just stunningly beautiful and look so amazing with your embroidery on it. The flowers in your garden are so pretty which means you really must have superpowers to keep them looking so good. Cute, cute stitched busy bee!

  24. Your tea towels are so cheerful! The little bee stitched and your decorated tee shirt are also really cute! It looks like being busy really works well for you!

  25. Your T towels are so pretty and your napkins. So bright and cheerful for Spring. I can't wait till it warms up to plant flowers and be outside again.

  26. Those napkins are very pretty! So bright and Springy! The stitching on all your projects is PERFECTION!
    I only wish i could grow flowers like that! you will have to post a photo of your yard sometime!

  27. Amy, you are a Super Power SUPER STAR ! I love the fabric you ruffled your napkins with....what is it ? Your flowers are phenomenal just like you!

  28. Your Busy as a Bee embroidery is so cute! I like the napkins, but I would not want to miss them up by really using them! I think I would use them a decor and remove them if anyone wanted to have a snack or some tea!!!.

  29. You made some delightful napkins with colors I adore. Busy as a bee and the darling bee are sensational. I love the primitive look of the bee. Great as always.

  30. Cute, cute, cute! I do believe that you have captured the superpower essence in all of your projects. Good for you with the gardening too. I decided when I was a kid that I did not really enjoy grubbing around in the dirt or dealing with the crawly things that are in the dirt, like grubs. I admire folks like you that do!

  31. Amy...you are a lady of many superpowers!! Love the garden napkins and the busy 'bumble bee' is just the cutest!! Thanks for the inspiration...hoping to get started in the gardens as soon as Mother Natures get's her season right!! Happy stitching, Pauline

  32. Gardening's a wonderful super power. Love all the bulbs, so bright and cheery. The napkins are cheery too.

  33. Busy as a Bee, Love it! I used to have a roommate who loved to garden and spent every waking moment in the garden, it was the best garden I have ever lived near, so beautiful. I have a very black thumb, thank goodness my bulb flowers and roses don't need too much attention and seem to thrive on my neglect and books say the opposite of them.

  34. I don't mind the mowing, planting and harvesting fruits and veggies, but the weed pulling is another story. Great superpower you have and I love the napkins and embroidery you did!

  35. Beautifully stitched napkins and your busy bee is so cute! I agree with you that your super power is BUSY! My husband has a Batman T-shirt. Maybe I should get a Catwoman T-shirt . . . hmmm.

  36. Your napkins are fabulous. Love the bright, happy colors and your stitching is terrific!

  37. Such cute projects but love the bee stitchery the best. Great job.

  38. I love to stay busy too. Those are all great projects.

  39. I must say, there is nothing like "dirt therapy"! Before I found quilting, dirt therapy was my sanity...sun, dirt, digging, planting and watching. Walking through the garden with a cup of coffee, first thing in the morning...what could be better?! I must say, I have a napkin fettish. I bet I have a hundred cloth napkins and I use them all! Loved you photos and napkins!

  40. Oh Amy! I too love gardening ... rentals are too conducive to my own flower beds these days ... but enjoy seeing beautiful flowers wherever and whenever :) You busy as a bee project is adorable and yay you!!! Thank you for sharing Busy Lady!!

  41. Amy!!!!!! great job...I enjoy the gardens also...and relate to staying very busy. Love the busy bee and cat woman

  42. Bees are so important to the colour in our world... you are a sparkly bee! Thanks for adding so much colour!

  43. You do seem to be incredibly Busy. It's wonderful that you can see that you are blessed with more than one superpower! Great projects!

  44. BEEutiful Bees are amazing SuperPowers. Thank you sew very much for Hopping...er...Buzzing.

  45. Lovely projects, Amy! It was really fun to stop by!
    Unlike me you do love gardening. I used to love gardening when I was a kid ;).