Monday, May 5, 2014

AMB Blog Tour

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Get your motor running
and let's hit the road.
It is the AMB Blog Tour. 
Do you know what AMB stands for?
Fabric that is completely made in the USA,
from the cotton grown in the fields to the manufacturing.
Well, how would you like to
take a little trip and visit all 50 states in just
25 days?
 Starting May 19th, Clothwork's AMB Blog Tour will hit the road.  

I have already seen some beautifully designed plates,
and I know that there will definitely be
a giveaway.  My pit stop will be on June 12th.
So what are we all sharing with you.........
From the Clothworks' website:
Every Blogger has been specially selected as a representative of the state they call home. At each stop on the tour, explore how each designer re-interprets their 12″ x 6″ state license plate in a finished quilt block of the same size and sign-up for giveaways of American Made Brand fabric.  You’ll find all types of blocks – truly something for everyone! You are going to want to collect them all.
I hope that you will join me for a nation-wide tour
The full schedule can be found right HERE.
 So, spread the word,
It is always more fun when you travel in a group!


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  1. HI AMY!!! so glad to see you along this highway too :) :) Aren't these ideas just fun ?!!?!! I'm in the designing phase ... in my head ;)

  2. I'm along the way. I'll be seeing you on the road.