Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Have you ever wondered?

 I have always wondered just how fast it would be
to cut fabric with a Accuquilt Go!
I am always up for saving a bit of time.
Sew, I grabbed my phone with the stopwatch,
my fabrics, and cutters.
I premeasured the die, so I knew exactly
the dimensions of the fabric I needed before
I started timing.
I was lucky enough to test out one of their new dies,
A great opportunity to see how long it
would take to cut out 10 blocks.
It is all curves except for the square in the center.
I have hand sewn a Hexi quilt before, cut all the fabric for it
and it was super time consuming.
I doubt that I would ever
have the time to hand cut each of
curves for the Flowering Snowball.
Plus it would be too Wonky.
And there are
Too many quilts to make
and not enough time.
So, just how long did it
take to prepare the fabrics to
be cut by my Accuquilt Go!
and then cut them.
Almost 27 minutes!!
I couldn't believe that
something that would have taken me
days and not been that accurate
took me less than a half an hour.
Here is a bit more of a teaser,
of what is to come
I can't wait to show you the rest on Friday.
You can check out the
what the rest of
hoppers did with their
New Dies.

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  1. I cut fabric for charity quilts and thank goodness for Accuquilt studio it helps me so much.

  2. I've always wondered about this too! I also wonder about fabric waste - is it excessive?

  3. Very impressive on time and what cool blocks. I can't wait to see what Friday holds.

  4. Looks beautiful Amy, can't wait to see more!! I love cutting with my AccuQuilt!