Monday, April 30, 2018

April Island Batik Ambassador Challenge

April seemed to just fly by
and I almost forgot to 
share my 
Vintage Quilts Inspiring 
New Creations project.

I do enjoy a good challenge 
and within my Island Batik Ambassador box.

I had received a good many browns,
browns of all different shades.  
I wanted to be challenged with 
being a Ambassador, so 
I didn't chose a color preference in what
fabrics I would like to have received.
That does make a challenge, 
doesn't it? 

This challenge brought out all 
of those gorgeous and rich browns out 
and a little pop of orange.

I even found the perfect matching Aurifil
thread color.
#1130 was so rich, gorgeous,
and matched my applique design to a tee.

I absolutely love the color palette

 the vintage look and
feel to this quilt.

I wasn't able to get this all quilted up, 
because I would love to use my 
Free Motion Quilting on my machine, 
but it still seems to be giving me
a bit of trouble.
I didn't think straight line quilting
would quite do it justice,
so I will just have to wait to get it finished.

 I can't wait to show 
you what is in store for next month. 

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