Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Small, Smaller, Smallest Blog Hop

If this hop would have been
Big, Bigger, Biggest, 
I know that I would have
never been able to pull of any project.
(I kind of lost my momentum for a bit
or maybe this project started it up again)

But quite thankfully, 
it is the Small, Smaller, 
Smallest Bog Hop
Hosted by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.

I didn't have a hard time 
thinking of what to make for this one.

I pulled out a sewing book 
of mine called
Sewing Pretty Little Things 
by Cherie Lee and a few of my favorite things.

Fun Fabrics, which just happen to 
have Darth Sugar Skulls on it, 
and some beautiful Aurifil threads in 40wt.
and 12 wt. of my favorite color as well.
Aurifil #5006, which I do 
believe is the color of my living room.

Inside is a cute little clutch purse.
I slightly tweaked it a bit
to work with what I needed and got

It is a zippered clutch that folds in half.
I enlarge the pattern a bit for it to 
fit the zipper that I had on hand.

I used cork for the top decorative part, 
and added straight stitching with Aurifil 12 wt.
for added detail.
I just adjusted my machine
for a longer stitch.
It works out beautifully each time.

I like to pick up different little elements
at the craft store when I go 
and I saw a set of  metal inspirational saying
in the scrapbooking department.

I totally cheated and sewed it on
my machine with a wide zig-zag stitch.

It fits just the right amount of make-up 
and brushes in it.

Thanks for stopping by
my blog  
for the Small, Smaller and Smallest
Blog Hop.
Please stop in and visit today's hoppers.

March 8

May the Force Be With You!!
(Sorry, I got a little Star Wars nerdy there)

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  1. I love your comment that big, bigger, biggest would have been hard to manage. I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment! I love your bag and it's great when you make do with what's on hand, rather than going out to purchase more supplies. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ok, I'm sorry but I couldn't find the comment line on this post, so am commenting here... Loved the comment about Big, Bigger Biggest, I to would have had a hard time with that to. Love the bag, it's cute and that Star Wars like fabric is coooool!!

  2. Amy, this is the best!! And... VADER fabric?? Awesome. How did you like sewing with the cork? I have a bit of it but it scares me for some reason! Your clutch looks so classy with that cork and the metal accent - perfect!

  3. Awesome fabric and bag! Just helped a fellow guild member work with some cork with a bag - sews very nicely.

  4. Teheehehe, it's amazing how much Star Wars has influenced life!! Great little clutch, I love the metal sign on it and the cork details.

  5. Putting on my glasses for this stop was so worth it. Without them I thought Darth was a turtle.(yes, we are on first name basis) sweet purse. Like that use of that use for the zig zag stitch too.

  6. That's the prettiest DV I have ever seen :) Love your bag!

  7. Love your bag and love Star Wars. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Totally sweet and small. I always know that I'll see a great project when I read your blog. I noticed the cork right away - you've used it perfectly. The metal tags are cute, cute; a great way to have those sayings where you'll be able to notice them often.

  9. That is such a cute bag with the cork, metal tag, and DARTH VADAR...I love it! Thank you, Amy, for hopping along with us and sharing your cute bag. Thanks for everything else, too. :O)

  10. Your coin bag deserves an A+.

  11. Ha my daughter would flip over this, she's a star wars fan. The way you used the cork and the metal tag is really cool. Great project, thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh my gosh, I love this bag. It's so cute how it folds in half and perfect for traveling for sure. You always put the perfect little details on your projects. Perfection, Amy.

  13. Love this little bag! Now I need to scrounge around the scrapbooking aisles to find trinkets like this! (My husband will thank you, I'm sure.) Using your zig zag stitch is not's using your noodle!

  14. That is such a cute bag. I love the little trinkets you added to it too.

  15. That is the cutest fabric and that little metal tag...perfect. You do know just how to knock things out of the park!

  16. OH I love it!!! Great project..great fabric..great colour!

  17. Cute bag, like the fact that it folds. I'm a fan of the metal tag too.

  18. What a cute bag, especially with that fabric - perfect!

  19. So cute! I love that Darth Vader fabric!

  20. Adorable, functional bag! Love the cork element and the inspirational true!

  21. Absolutely love your little bag and the metal tag is wonderful!

  22. I love your clutch and adding Star Wars to it just makes it even more fun to use.

  23. I love your bag. And that fabric is fabulous. I am glad to see your use of the cork. I want to try sewing with it and wondered what to try.

  24. I love the tag and cork accent on your bag! I never look at scrapbooking supplies but now that has to change. I have cork scraps in two colours from some gifts I made for Christmas so I'm inspired by this.

  25. Your Star Wars bag with make up just cracked me up. Especially with Darth Vader. Sweet bag, and love the little metal tags.

  26. Oh, that is such a cute bag! Love the tag and the kork addition. So handy and lovely!

  27. Love it! Adore the fabric choice and lip gloss :). Awesome.

  28. Thank you for sharing this!