Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stitches of Summer

It has been a busy couple weeks
and still my poor sewing machine
is feeling neglected.
But, I have this
beautiful stack of fabric
just waiting to be sliced into pieces
and sewn back together.
You could call it therapy.
(And right now I need a little)
The colors just make me happy. 
I am so looking forward to working
 with these little beauties.
So what exactly have I been doing this
In the few moments,
that I am not painting the house,
and all the other home improvement
projects that require nice weather
or regular household chores,
I have been working on a little
I think I will be saving this
for the
I am very close to having the
embroidery all done.
Our garden is in full bloom and I
LOVE it.
We had a lot of rain today
and it just keeps coming.
While there was a small
break in the clouds, I
snapped a shot of one of my favorite
day lilies.

And my dear sweet quilting friend,
worked up my pattern

I am in love with her color choices.
It just screams
She has a second in the works,
that is a totally different theme.
Go and check out the teaser photo.
Hope you all are
 enjoying your week!

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  1. What color are you painting your house ? Those are happy, pretty fabrics, and your day lily photo needs a frame around it...awesome photography !

  2. pretty pics amy and agree Vickies quilt top is by far my fav so far, next to yours of course...pretty photos

  3. Lovely fabrics. Your stitching in time looks wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your project ... and Vickie's next quilt ... :) Pat

  4. You are such a busy lady! In the olden days I would paint my house, bake cinnamon rolls, and take dinner to a friend...all on the same day. Now I'm just happy to make it out of bed to sew and eat! Love the fabrics you're toying with and that flower is so lovely!

  5. Like you my quilting has been on hold due to continuous home improvements since January...my poor sewing machine. I do manage to sew a few hexagons at night or I would go crazy. So far my kitchen looks and works great, my whole house was painted, baseboards installed, ceiling fans in all the rooms were installed, minor bathroom remodel was done to the kid's bath, all,outlets were upgraded to current code and so much more. I'm going to wait until next year to redo the master bath and re-plaster the swimming pool.

  6. Scrumptious fabrics! blessings, marlene

  7. Beautiful! I like all design and appreciate your effort. Great