Saturday, July 5, 2014

A cup of joe, or two, or three...........

 I had a request for a pin cushion
about two week back
well, after making one,
they sort of snowballed into making
Sew, I just had to show the cuties off

They all have plans
of being Christmas Presents.

Each has it's own little
personality for
it's intended recipient.

Two of the little guys already
headed to their destination,
and didn't get their
photo taken.
It is my little
rainbow of color. 

Aren't they fun? 
I also finished Block 12 of the
LMS Quilty Stitches.
I already picked out a fun frame for
I can't wait to see it hanging in
my sewing room.

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  1. Love your little pincushions and your cross stitch!

  2. did someone say cup of joe? Amy these are just adorable....each one has a personality too....ever since I first saw these, I was such a suprise there. wink.. what am I still doing up....miss my own bed ...

  3. Those pincushions are so adorable. If one wants to visit me, that is okay. Your cross stitch is coming along nicely too.
    Thanks for sharing Amy.

  4. The pincushions are just adorable. They would make wonderful gifts too.

  5. You have been busy, the pin cushions are adorable. The colors are so bright, who ever receives will be so so happy. Love the cross stitch piece, I am cross stitching this weekend - it is so relaxing.

  6. I love those pincushions! So adorable! Did you follow a pattern?

  7. Those pincushion.... Too adorable, thanks for sharing!

  8. Too cute ! But I love my prickly pear cactus ! I hope to get my cross stitch done in a couple of months....yours is gorgeous....please show it when you get it framed !

  9. Amy those cups are just too cute. Love their faces! I'm so far behind on my cross stitch. Maybe it will look as lovely as yours someday! Can't wait to see it framed!

  10. Your pile of pincushions kept me smiling all day! I'll never look at a cup of coffee the same way again! Too cute!

  11. Too cute! Love the group shot. Your cross-stitch looks absolutely fabulous...awesome work!

  12. Cute pincushions! Your stitching sampler is looking lovely ... :) Pat

  13. Those are just the cutest them!

  14. The pincushions are so adorable and I've seen where one of them has gone to live. The cross stitch is really great too and will look wonderful in your sewing room.