Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A few more STARS

Yesterday, I showed you a
few the tester of the
You can see the others here.
Well, here are the rest.
I am truly hoping that I
didn't forget any.
(If I did, Please forgive me
and shoot me an e-mail)

Susie of Susie's World

Frances of Tea Time Creations
Dusty's Quilt
Nancy' Quilt

 Tonya's Quilt

If you are wanting to
purchase the pattern for the
Watkins Star Quilt.
You can find it HERE...
There are
14 pages, 16 photos....
and a couple variations added
to change the design a bit.
Thanks again to these lovely ladies
who were so willing to lend a hand.
A couple of these were their first quilts.
It made it  a first for both of us.
Thanks for taking the chance with me.

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  1. The great looking quilts from all your testers make your new pattern a star! ... :) Pat

  2. That is a fun quilt design and everyone did a great job on it.

  3. All the testers did a great job. You have obviously made a great pattern with perfect instructions. Beautiful quilts!

  4. This was such a fun quilt to stitch. And it is amazing how variations in color and fabric change the quilt look. Thank you for the privilege of testing the pattern.

  5. It's amazing how different each quilt looks with just a change of fabrics. This was so fun to see what everyone did with your wonderful pattern!

  6. More lovely quilts. Congrats again on the 1st pattern release.