Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pets on Quilts 2014

It's time again for the Pets on Quilts Show!
Each year Lily Pad Quilting hosts this fun virtual quilt show
and this is the first year that I have
entered in all the furry fun.

We adopted two kittens last
fall and they have been so much
fun and a great addition to
our family.  All of
our cats have just basically found their
way to our doorstep and well
the rest is history.  (As they say)
We can always find the kittens together.
 Snuggled up with each other.
They remind me of the book,
Where the Red Fern Grows. 
Where one is,
you can probably find the other.
At this very rare occasion,
the oldest cat was guarding
the babies on the Hexi quilt I finished last summer.

She pretends to be tough,
but we all know that
she really loves them too.


Go see all the other little furries
at the pet show.

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  1. Hi Amy, how very lucky for you to have THREE kitties......I am an animal person but my other half is not so we compromise and he has allowed dogs (outside only) but absolutely NO CATS which is why I love to visit blogs that have cats! Yours are adorable!

  2. What adorable pictures! I have a cat and a dog and I can't imagine how boring this house would be without them! :-)

  3. So cute! I just love sweet kittie pictures and these are super adorable!

  4. Your little fur babies have such sweet little faces.

  5. adorable pics, felines with personality like you

  6. That is so sweet, especially the older cat watching over the babies :)

  7. What sweet sleepy kitties!! Too cute!

  8. Such beautiful kitties with adorable faces! I miss having a cat around the house...they certainly add excitement when a quilt comes out.

  9. Oh they all are so adorable. I wish we had some purring fur babies again.

  10. They are so cute when they snuggle together.

  11. What sweethearts! They are beautiful :-)

  12. So sweet. But Sew Incredibly Lazy!

  13. Amy they are all so cute especially the older one looking after the little ones. Love the quilt too. Good luck. Hugs, Susie x

  14. Really lovely photo of all three together!

  15. Love the older kitty guarding the babies.