Friday, July 3, 2015

My Quilting Kiddos

Before the end of the school year,
my kids voiced that they wanted to learn
to quilt.  How could I say no?
I would be teaching them a skill
that they could use for
the rest of their lives.
(Even if it is to hem a pair of pants.)
We first had to pick the pattern,
and this little cutie fit the part.
It is called Garden Tea Party
by The Quilt Company. 
You can find the pattern HERE.
It is a great pattern with a mix
of piecing, applique, and a little embroidery.
Of course one of my children, wants to add all kinds
of extras to the pattern to give it flair. 
To their dismay, I said,
"You can try that on the next quilt."
I just want them to get down all the
basics before adding the "FLAIR".
So here are the results of their very
first finished quilt blocks.

This one is a mix of Moda's Lucy's Crab Shack
and Noteworthy.
Such a cute fun and flirty mix of fabrics.

The second is all American.
It is an older Moda line, that
I had uncovered in my stash.
I believe it is American Banner Rose.  

We used Heat n' Bond Lite, so for
the applique they will be able to
 sew it with ease.
I wanted them to pick fabrics that
they would love 10 years from now.
I am assisting them
in their color choices and cutting.
The rest has been my kiddos.

I just might have a quilter or two
in the family.  (Wouldn't that be fun?)

Now, I need to find the time to make
myself one of these cuties.

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  1. Wow I am impressed! Those blocks look fabulous!

  2. There is nothing better than teaching our young ones to quilt!!

  3. I love that you've taken a traditional theme, and used lucy's crab shack fabric. it's fun.

  4. I am also super impressed that you tackled some complex looking blocks with your kiddos! Good for you.

  5. That looks a little complicated for kids. But it will be beautiful when they get it done. I am teaching my nine year old granddughter to sew. She loves it.

  6. The blocks are adorable! They have done a wonderful job making them. I hope we get to see more as it comes together. How fun to pass your passion along to your children. Hugs,

  7. Fantastic! I can't wait to watch this grow!

  8. What a fun summer project with your kiddos. Love their selection of fabrics. Hope you fit in one for yourself!

  9. That is such a blessing to have your kids want to sew like you !