Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pattern vs. Product

So, I have a bit of a dilemma.
I have been working on a few bags.
They are completely my pattern
from the top to the bottom. 
Over the course of the
last month, I have made about
30 of them. Yes, 30. Each one of the close
relatives received one.
 I have tweaked the pattern, making it a
bit better until  it is just right.
I came up with this
"Sew Cute"
"Chic Bumblebee"

"Vintage garden"

It has no exposed seams and
is perfect for holding just about anything.
So here is my dilemma,
What are you all more interested in? 

A finished product or a pattern?
I had an idea of having
a bag hop, would that interest
Each of these is for sale,
 The cost is $45, plus shipping.
Just email me if you are interested.

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  1. It all depends on what my need is. If I have fabrics and time to make an item for a gift, etc. I would like a pattern. But if I am in a jam for something, it is easier to purchase the ready made and have it! And if I had the resources at this time I would love the first bag "Sew Cute."

  2. I think you should offer the pattern for sale AND make bags for sale too! I personally prefer to make things over buying them if I can save a few bucks, but I know lots of people who prefer to buy the item already made :)

  3. Personally I would go for the pattern but I sew and know I can make it for less (not counting my time). However, some of my friends who don't sew would go for the bag and probably pay what you're asking. (Yes, it is totally worth it!)

  4. Pattern...I have oodles of material and could see making these as gifts myself! If you need testers...keep me in mind! Beth @ Words & Stitches


  5. I would also prefer the pattern. And I really like the bumblebee. A hop sound good to me , if there is a little time to get it ready. It's good to see you, and I'm now following on facebook too.

  6. I'd prefer the pattern. I love making pouches and bags to give as gifts too!

  7. If you do a blog hop I would love to make one and be apart! I think they look great!

  8. How cute is that ! Pattern and hop !

  9. You have been sew incredibly busy! Beautiful bags. Pattern ... and bags ... for sale looks like a good way to go to me ... ;) Pat

  10. Hi Amy
    Because I am in Switzerland and due to the postage fees, I prefer patterns :-)
    Your bags are awesome!

  11. Now that's a bag! My opinion, for what is wort, do both. You have a great eye for color and fabric and the finished project would be a great seller. However I think your audience would LOVE the pattern to give it a try. So clever with the ruffle. A hop would be fun too. It's fun to see what pops up.