Monday, January 12, 2015

Holy Scraps, Batman!!

So much for keep all my scraps contained in their
I do believe the bin (from IKEA) has overflowed. 
And some landed on the floor, EEK!
This is the second time in three years the
bin has become a little "CraZy".
The first I dumped it all in a bag
and gave away to a charity.
This time, I will probably do the same,
but I thought I would be a bit nicer. 
And that is where my Accuquilt
came in handy.

<a href="">GO! Fabric Cutter</a>

While I was sewing, my sweet daughter,
spent time ironing the scraps and running
them through my cutter.
She used the 2 1/2" and the 4"
for all fabric pieces.

After a bit of ironing and cutting,
she ended with a hefty pile of fabric in
a spectrum of colors. 
The 2 1/2" would work great on
your 1" English Paper pieced Hexagons.
I might have to save a few and work on
a quilt, composed of all
the other quilts from the past.
Sew, do you save your scraps, trash them,
or give them away?
 I also decided to open a Facebook page.
You can check it out here.

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  1. Where did you find your scrap bin? I would like to get one (or two).

  2. Not only do I use mine, I always seem to get gifted with more and I love it!

  3. I usually use my scraps for EPP. I could never give away a huge pile like you have in your bin as I seem to become attached to my fabric too.

  4. Your scrap bin is still stacked quite nicely Amy ! I usually cut mine into squares or strips as soon as I'm finished with a project and store them in little see through bins according to size. I am an egg basket behind right now and have lots of strips I need to do something with ASAP ! I just finished the Bonnie Hunter Illusion quilt and have pieces left over and a FEW ( that means lots) mistake blocks that I'm making into a small quilt of some sort.

  5. Great idea making squares with your scraps! I tired to do that as much as I could last year, but fell off the wagon after a while!

  6. I am a scrap saver. The crumbs go to a woman in my guild who makes pet beds. I am trying to use the Bonnie Hunter method, but I have a ton of scraps that need cutting. I have made several scrap quilts, but that seemed to make my scraps multiply. I have way too many fat quarters that need to be cut to usable sizes. I probably should just break down and buy a go cutter.

  7. I have a crazy amount of scraps that I never use, but I can't bring myself to give them away either! I just keep telling myself that I'll use them some day.

  8. Organizing scraps is not my favorite task but it's gotta be done occasionally. This is my process: toss the wee pieces, sort the bigger pieces, giveaway anything that I know, in my heart, I can live without.

  9. Such a question. I save most of my scraps. I am sewing them into "new fabric" pieces to cut and use as larger squares in quilts with sashings, etc. But there are some thin pieces I put in a collection bag and when it gets full enough I sew a pillowcase size bag. I sew 3 channels down the bag, stuff the thin scraps in the channels, and sew the seam closed. These are donated to animal shelters. And some of my larger size scraps are cut into usable squares or strips for scrappy projects. My husband will tell you I can't get rid of things easily.