Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blocks #3 and #4 of Quilty Stitches

I have finished up the next two
cross-stitch blocks with the
If you are new to cross stitch,
this would be great little
sampler to test out. 
I fell in love with the little
quilty blocks and continue to
enjoy stitching them up.
Block #3

 Block #4

(Not my favorite)
I think it was my color choice.
I don't color in the sampler that
you print off.   I just throw down
colors and hope for the best.
I also put yellow in the center,
(which was suppose to be blank)
I never can just follow the
Block # 3 and Block #4

Only 12 more to go.
I am sooooo loving this
and should be a nice addition
to my sewing room
once completed.

If stitching is your passion
you can sign up for a new hop
that is all about stitching. 

More Ruffles are headed your way on Monday. 
We have a full schedule of great artists that
are all ruffled up.

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  1. I love your blocks, your colours are so pretty. You answered the question for me about the 3rd block and using 2 colours on the outside. Your's rocks with the 2 shades of blue :D

  2. Very nice. I haven't cross stitched in years. I was tempted to join in the fun after your last post and now I'm thinking I really should after seeing these. I just love them!

  3. How adorable Amy!! Almost makes me want to break out the counted cross stitch, I haven't done it for years either!

  4. I love your blocks and always look for yours before I do mine. I just finished block #4 last night and plan to iron and post a pic on IG tonight... Little secret... you have 12 more to go not 8 :)