Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Barn Raising

I always wanted a barn.
A nice pretty red one with
gardens all around it.
And a pretty little quilt
painted on the side.
Well, I didn't exactly make a red barn,
but I think that this
one turned out
mighty cute
and it will probably be the
closest thing to a barn I will ever have.
 It was modeled after Lori Holt's
Barn blocks. 
I sew wanted to take part in
that barn raising quilt,
but I just didn't have the time.
this is all the blocks together.

If you want a chance to catch
up and do a little barn raising
where you can find these pretty
little blocks.


There are a couple of giveaways going on
and you can find them here and here.
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  1. Can remember how odd I thought it the first time I saw blue barns while on the way to bridge tournament in Illinois. Love the minis. What are your finishing plans for them.

  2. Sweet barn! I've yet to start mine :)

  3. I really do want to do these....but......I'm making lots of things for my new grandson who will arrive in August ! We found out the gender Wednesday...I've been waiting to sew until I knew ! But Granny's gotta get busy now !!

  4. Oh, Amy, these are so sweet and I love the idea of cross stitching quilt blocks.

  5. These look great! I'm really tempted to join in, but I have so many other projects on the go already...