Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Rufflicious New Week!!

If you are like me
the time change is really not agreeing with you.
  I will get used to it
in June. (Hopefully)
But I do have something, that will agree with you,
some more pretty ruffled
A bit of Ruffle inspiration,
like a cute and practical
Ruffled clutch like the one Kim from
Lily Patch Quilts showed us last week.
We have a full week of
Rufflicious Project for YOU!!
Go check out today's
Ruffle artists.
March 10th 

You can find the whole schedule HERE.
Are you ready to RUFFLE???
If you would like to see what I put a ruffle on come
check it out here.  Go check out who made the
top two at Sew We Quilt.
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  1. I am SO with you on this time change....of course I LOVE when it happens in the fall, that extra hour makes me dance....but losing an hour now when every minute is so precious (AND needed) must have been a MAN who thought this up! LOL (I only say that because the "spouse" thinks it's WONDERFUL...ugh).

  2. Why do we change the time? I haven't met anyone that thinks it's a good idea anymore. Ugh. I'm with you sister...

  3. I really enjoyed the projects today on the blog hop. The time change just makes me tired

  4. This time change is killing me. Loving all the ruffled projects.

  5. I am loving this hop. Ruffles are Fabric's way of Smiling! Thank you for being a super cheerleader.