Tuesday, April 23, 2013

EQ 7 Blog Hop - Blanket Flower, Tutorial and Giveaway

 chick block2

Thanks again to Bea for putting together this lovely hop and to EQ for generously sponsoring a little giveaway.  Without further ado, here is tutorial number 2.
I love the spring and summer, so much is a buzzing and humming around the yard.  And of course I love flowers, so this is what I created for Bea's Hop.

It is called a Blanket Flower and I am going to do my best to show you how I created it.
First, I opened a new project.  I went to the tab Block and then EasyDraw + PatchDraw.

Next, I went to the bottom tab Tracing Image.  On the left hand side you can upload any image from your computer.  I chose a picture of a flower that I had taken last summer.  Hit the Open button.

It will ask you what size you would like your picture.  I just left mine the same and placed it in the top left hand corner of my workspace.

Next, I went to the bottom tab, Applique.  There you have the option to free hand trace your image.  The arrow is pointing to it on the left.

I like to trace the petals that are going to be in the back ground first.  That way I will not have to more them to the back of the block later.

Once I have the some of the petals complete, I find it easier to work on if I color them.

Click on the bottom tab and then on the right hand side click your paint brush and go to town.

I added a few more petals and the top of the stem next.

After, I colored all my initial petal a solid color.  I chose one of my petals.  I then right clicked on my mouse which brought up this menu.  I plan to copy all the petals.

Here is the first copied petal.  I colored it an opposite color to keep track of it.

After copying all the petal and placing them a little above their counterparts.  Your design will look a bit like this one.

As you can see, one of the petals needs to move to the back of the workspace.  You right click on your mouse and chose to move the petal to the Back.

Here is the flower after all the petals are in the correct order.  I wanted the flower to be on a nice fabric background, but couldn't find any I just loved.  Well, there is more fabric selection if you go to the Library tab, then fabric library. 

So, there you go.

And here it is in fabric.  I used Batiks because the coloration always reminds me of real flower petals.  I also tilted the flower a bit more on the fabric.  (If you know me, I can't always follow directions.  Even my own.)

If you want to have your own blanket flower, you can print out the patten Here.
I am really new to PDF's and such or changing the labels on the example so,
since I worked it out.
pieces: O, I D,L, M, Q, J, & T are orange
pieces: N, F, C, G, H, R, E, & U are the ones in yellow
piece: K - center maroon
piece: S - was part of the center but I left it off on this example
pieces: P & B green stem parts
(Of course, you can use any color)

Here is the Schedule for the EQ Appliqued Animals Blog Hop
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Everyone loves a giveaway, right?  So, how about this great software for EQ7.  The Electric Quilt generously gave me an extra Quilting Design CD, so I am passing it on to one lucky reader.   Not only that, but each of the above participants have a different design CD to give away, so you best go and check them all out.  You will receive Quilting Designs Vol. 1, if you win.  It has over 500 quilting designs.  I am quite excited to give mine a try.


So, how to enter!!
Here are the details: Since, I gave another tutorial on a different block on
 Monday. I will be adding up the comments from both days. I only have 1 CD to giveaway (So, comment on Monday's and today's and you get two entries)
1.  Just leave a comment!
2. If you are a no-reply blogger and your e-mail is not in your comment, I will draw another name.
3. It is open to everyone!!!!
4. The giveaway will be April 28th at Midnight, M.S.T.

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