Monday, April 23, 2012

Crocheted Pot Holders

I finished a couple pot holders this week.  The square pot holders are a pattern my mom has came up with and the cute little flower pattern is from  Lily's Sugar'n Cream website.  They have a variety of crochet and knitting patterns that are FREE!   You just have to set up an account and they have access to over 250 patterns.  A pretty good deal.  All of the above were crocheted with Sugar'n Cream cotton.  I love to use this on pot holders.  They are so durable and withstand the oven heat.  Lily makes a lot of bright colors that I enjoy to use on a variety of projects.  And no they don't pay me to say nice things. (I only wished).  The cost for all was about $3, when I buy the thread on sale.  I linked up with....

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  1. They are so cute. Wish I could crochet :)

  2. Great potholders. Nice colours bet they look real fancy hanging in the kitchen.

    1. Thanks, I really enjoy making the really bright ones.

  3. Those are so cute! I love the colors you used and I especially love the little flower one on top! Congratulations on a beautiful finish and thank you for linking up!

    xo -E