Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bird Nest Cupcakes

So, I have been married for over a decade and I have to admit that before Easter Sunday I had never made a cake from scratch. (That I can recall)  I know pretty pathetic.  What can I say.  Anyway, I thought that I would try out a recipe for Bird's Nest Cupcake on the Better Homes and Gardens site.  They were quite delicious.  I might have to try it again sometime.  The recipe had a small hint of lemon and the recipe made 27 cupcakes.  Thought I would just make your mouth water a bit.
I also made some little chocolate nests with Chocolate Almond Bark.  A favorite of mine and the munchkins!

Are you hungry yet?

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  1. Not just lovely but looks so yummie :)
    I have started to follow your blog!
    Wish you a great day,

  2. They were quite good! Thanks for following!

  3. Cute! I just made a Peepscake with Peeps and edible Easter grass. Good time for bird "tweets"! ;)