Thursday, June 14, 2018

Where Flowers Bloom Hop

Welcome to my day of 

This Blooming Fun Hop

Have you ever had buyer remorse?
The picture of the kit or fabric
you purchased looks totally different 
from what you thought it was.
Well, for this hop, 
I decided to break out a kit
that I had purchased a few years back.
And it had a whole bunch of flowers on it.

Let's just say a whole lot of flowers on it.
At this point, I am not
quite sure if I like it at all.
It might just be a little
to colorful (wild) for this gal.

So much for trying to use the
materials on hand.  
I absolutely love the blocks, 
but I am not so sure about
how the fabrics were selected.
They are all Kaffe fabrics, 
and the pattern is called Lovely Lattice.

I do need to finish it.
I have all the blocks sewn up, 
but my back was telling me to 
take a little break from my machine.

What do you think?
Is it a keeper?

Google is not wanting to talk to my email any 
longer, so forgive me if I do not respond to your comment.
Know that I read and appreciate each one.

Check out the others who are stopping to smell the flowers...

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  1. Definitely a keeper just for how wild it looks. :)

  2. Nope, not a address is..... I love it!

  3. It sure is colorful, but definitely a keeper!

  4. Lots of flowes, lots of color. Like you it's just a little too busy for me. I do like the blocks, but I think it's a keeper.

  5. It is a bit busy, but interesting and I would keep it for sure. Sometimes it's good to have one a bit on the wild side to keep your eyes moving all around the quilt to see so many things. Would be a good quilt for exercising your eyes, lol!

  6. I think once it is all put together it will calm down a bit. It's a keeper for sure. Love the fabrics. Thanks for joining Where Flowers Bloom, my friend.

  7. It is quite busy, but I'm sure it will be used by someone. There are some really pretty prints in there.

  8. I think Kaffee is known for his busyness! I think it will "grow" on you. You did a wonderful job with all the flowers. Kudos. I think you should keep it.

  9. I have to say, I got the biggest laugh out of your second comment. Judy H definitely thinks it has to go!
    LOL!!! Personally, me thinks she has an ulterior motive! hahahaha I'm not a Kaffe fan, but that being said, I do love seeing his big floral fabrics used in some things. I do love the pattern design. You've got to follow your heart on this one! ;-)

  10. I have not sewn much with Kaffe, but some people really love his fabric. I know I would try to get it finished and use on the couch. It will grow on you!

  11. Just bumped into another blog (not on this hop) that posted a Kaffe quilt top. I have decided I am not a Kaffe fan (so maybe I am not the best person to ask). I vote that Judy H ^ gives it a home! *grins*

  12. the blocks are great! but it is very wild. perhaps you have to finish the top and than decide?

  13. I like Kaffe so a keeper for me, but wonder if you would like it better with a solid sashing between the blocks? Is it worth unsewing?

  14. Oh yes, Amy - definitely a keeper!! Though I agree, some of Kaffe's fabrics are a little too wild for me too. I love them in metered doses!! LOL

  15. Oh, it definitely needs a home, but please, not mine (I stick to aqua, teal, light blue and purples, usually in ocean themes)! :) I often buy kits at yard sales, never knowing exactly what I'm getting. Once they're all put together, if it doesn't suit my style or needs of the moment (gifting opportunities), I donate the finished quilt to the local women's shelter. And the scraps get put back together, crazy quilt style, with freemotion practice, and get donated to the pound as kennel quilts/blankets. Everybody wins! I get to practice
    piecing, then quilting, then I get the satisfaction of knowing it will warm some lucky lady, pup or kitty cat.

  16. It is busy but it is still a keeper. Even if it's not your cup of tea someone out there will love it.

  17. Hi Amy, I like your block pattern but this would probably be a donation quilt for me. I am always disappointed when I put that much work into a quilt or project and and the end product is not what I envisioned. I just won a layer cake of Kaffe fabric in the hands 2 help quilt donation project. While beautiful colors, like yours the classic collection is very busy. I will now put more thought into my layer cake use.
    I used some of your blocks from the In Our Garden BOM for this hop. I have recieved many complements on how cute they are, thought I would pass that on. And I added the link. I have to redo the borders I came up with and will repost when finished. I'll link back to you again. Thanks

  18. I love colourful quilts. What is fun with Kaffe fabrics is that when you quilt it, the colours are calming down in a way. Just try, and you can always give it away. Someone will love it.

  19. Kaffe is one of my all time favorites. And Kaffe can be quite busy, on the verge of chaos, and is not necessarily for everyone's taste. Since this is way out of your "comfort zone", you have lots of options: make it your summer picnic quilt (then you won't worry if it gets any stains), or perhaps make it a comfort quilt for a local shelter, or give it as a raffle quilt to a school to dedicate the funds raised to art classes, or cut it up and make some wild potholders and oven mitts for friends, family, or well you get the idea. Have fun picking your option, it'll be great whatever you choose.

  20. I think it looks quite pretty and hope that you do finish it. It's a bit busy, but once it is quilted I bet it will look really nice.

  21. I have had lots of buyer remorse when it comes to buying fabric that I think will be perfect for a project. I am not a happy camper when I put hours into a project and hate the end result. Although your quilt is perfectly pieced and a lovely pattern, the wild fabric just doesn't work for me. Not a fan of Kaffe, but that's just me. If I were you, I would finish it and donate it to a school or church for a raffle. You can always use a good deduction on your taxes.

  22. I'm glad to hear that your are persevering with the quilt. It does seem a bit too busy for me - I would probably have used some low-volume or solids with the flowery fabrics.

  23. Finish it. We never know for sure how we like something...til the Project is done.

  24. I see two different color ways. I'd take it apart and separate into the two blocks and make two quilts. They would be smaller but I think the end result would be beautiful. One would be more masculine with the browns and greens and one would be feminine with the purples and pinks. You could always add borders then to make them larger. If you really don't want to pick it apart, you could always send it my way and I'd help you with it.

  25. Lol you know some one out there will love it...I think it's very

  26. I like it, but don't love it... I think when people buy kits they feel like they have to use all the fabric in the kit. If the kit comes pre-cut into the shape, one is pretty much tied to the shapes, but if one had to cut them, they could have substituted something that would tone down those fabrics. To me, I actually love big busy prints so am a Kaffe fabrics fan, but I also rarely use all the same companies fabric in a quilt also. I'd have wanted to tone those fabrics down especially if I'd made some tester blocks first and saw how they were going to work in the quilt.

  27. I agree with Kathy - finish it, cause you really don't know if you'll like it till it's done!

  28. I wouldn't keep it. I don't like Kaffe Fassett or his fabrics. This is just a mish-mosh of color to me, and I wouldn't want it. I would finish it and give it away to someone who appreciated that style.