Saturday, June 30, 2018

Island Batik Modern Challenge

I am squeezing under the deadline for
the Modern Batik Challenge.

As an

I was provided all the fabrics for the quilt 
that I designed for the challenge.

My inspiration for this quilt was
slow coming.
I was completely unsure on what
exactly I wanted to do, 
I don't usually do too much modern style quilting
This again was a huge challenge for me.
 I then searched through my beautiful box
of Island Batik fabrics and
came up with this.

I used a huge array from the Paisley Dot
collection.  Some of the colors included Bermuda Spot, 
Sky Speckles, Blueberry Spot, Cherry Freckle , Cardinal Freckle, 
Shark Pixel, Blush Speckle, and for the background
I used Buttermilk.

It was all pieced in Aurifil thread.

I was completely unsure if I would like it
all while I was piecing it, but now after the
top is all finished up, 
I absolutely love it.

Now just to figure out if I should quilt it, 
or have the amazing long arm quilter I know
finish it up for me.  
Decisions, Decisions!!

I thought just straight line quilting 
would finish off the modern 
look that I was going for.

What do you think., 
would you consider it modern?

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  1. I love it, and yes, this can be called modern! I vote for the straight line quilting!

  2. This is awesome and sure hope one day a pattern will become available....straight line would be the way I would go......Love, love, love it.

  3. The definition of modern quilting leaves lots of room for quilts like this one.. I think a global quilt made like this one would be so awesome. As far as quilting goes, I like straight line quilting, but make sure to ask your long armed to show you several different choices, you never know what else might catch your eye. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  4. I definitely think you cover the graphic and negative space definitions of Modern Quilt, as well as the abstract nature of the map. I think the straightline quilting is just fine - but I also like the modern wavy lines, and the motion might be nice on this.

  5. That is fantastic. Modern or not it is great.

  6. It's amazing. but you left out the upper peninsula of michigan? maybe you can add it before quilting