Wednesday, January 10, 2018

December's Aurifil DOM Reboot Block

Here is the December's Aurifil
block that was
re-released for 2017.

The first time that they had
this BOM was in 2012.
I loved the cute blocks.
This last one was such a 
pleasure to stitch up.

I still have two blocks that
I have to stitch up 
to be able to put the quilt
all together.

I love her little braids 
flapping in the wind.
I imagine this would be me 
trying to ski after being off the
slopes for too long.

Here are the rest of the blocks 
that I have finished.

You can find the pattern to all 
these cuties HERE.

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  1. I made this quilt the first time around. I have completed the blocks but must get the backing and quilt it. It is fun to see the blocks people are making this time, I like your colors and fabrics.

  2. You are so good at this type of stitching...they are all beautiful!