Monday, November 14, 2016

Guest on American Patchwork and Qulting

I was completely shocked when I
received an email from Pat Sloan.
Yes, thee Pat Sloan to
be a guest on American Patchwork
and Quilting.
What a complete honor.

I have been so excited and
I can
hardly contain myself.

(You can read more about my quilt in the picture above, here)

For my followers and all the
people that inspire me,
I wouldn't have kept on sharing if
it wasn't for all of you.

I would love for you to join me
this afternoon.  4 p.m. eastern
time right here at

I also have been working
on a special pattern to be released
in the next few days,
just for the occasion.

I tried to finish it before the show,
but I wanted it to be perfect.
So you will have,
to wait for Reindeer Games.
It will be free for until the end of November,
just for this special event.
So stayed tuned for it.

If you are new to my blog,
please check out the
Here are a couple of the blocks

We will also be starting a new
one come the beginning of the year.

to all of you!

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  1. The flower quilt is pretty! And for when it comes, thanks for the reindeer.

  2. Read about the quilt in the picture, is there a pattern to purchase?

  3. Hi Amy, I just finished listening to the podcast! You did fantastic! It was so fun learning a little more about you. Congrats on a fun show! xoxoxoxo

  4. Congratulations. Wish I had read this earlier so I could have listened.

  5. Just listened to your pod cast! Way to go girl! I can now say...I knew her when... :-)

  6. It was really fun to listen to you talk about your quilting. Like Joan said...I knew her when. :O) Cute, cute reindeer!