Thursday, June 25, 2015

Going Frog Wild

So, I finished what has to be my favorite of
I give you Mr. Fitzwilliam Frog

Isn't he just dashing? 
Love the fabulous mustache.

I also finished Mrs. Sheila the Sheep.
She was supposed to be knitting,
but since I am a crocheter. 
She had to change her hobby as well.

I also made the rest of the animals
that I had finished into ornaments.  
I used Moda Honeycomb Precuts for the
ornament and outlined the Aida fabric in
using Aurifil #2250 12 wt.  thread.

Here are the eight that I have completed
so far.  I am only  four behind now.  

I can't wait to see these on our tree this year.
Are you creating something special for the

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  1. Froggy looks fantastic! I have the patterns too but fid not yet start... You know how it is, quilting, family, cooking, washing LOL

  2. How cute are THOSE !! I totally love Fitzwilliam's name ! LOL

  3. You are doing great work on your stitching. I love how you are doing the finishing. It is perfect for them.

  4. Sweet! Love the way you are finishing these!

  5. Another wonderful addition to a sweet group of animals. Love how you finished them too.

  6. Those are sew Incredibly cute Amy!

  7. Yes, these are SIC!
    A new acronym, thanks to Jan:-)

  8. That's one Dandy frog lol but I love the squirrel best of all! Such a wonderful cuteness overload lol

  9. These are darling! I love the camel.