Monday, October 13, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything

I have been busily putting my
sewing space all together.
It is going to be a work in
progress to find all
the little things that speak to me.
(It will probably take years)
I have always wanted a space that
Says "Me". 
Here is a little chunk
of what I have so far.

I have loved seeing the cute antique ladders
that everyone has sporting their quilts.
Well, this ladder has a lot of
meaning. It is the kids bunk-bed ladder.
It was just sitting around,
collecting dust in the shed,
when I had the idea to use it.
We drilled holes in the front of the ladder
at the top to attach it into a stud.
They are counter sunk holes.
After screwing it to the wall,
I used wooden button to cover
the screw heads. 
I was lucky enough to hit
a stud with both sides.
It is probably a good thing,
since a certain someone
thinks it is a great ladder up the wall to
My husband refinished this
cute little nightstand
for me. 
I like to store my cross-stitch supplies
in there and it
keeps me from tripping on
the ladder.
(Can you tell, I probably did it more than once)
I love the black hardware against the
willow stain.   
Here is the picture of part of the
set before he refinished it.
I actually picked it up for nothing.
(Got to love that)
We spent next to
nothing refinishing it.
Just the sandpaper, stain,
poly, and paint for the pulls.
He has two of the three pieces
redone, but I'll
show you the other a bit later.
And all those lovely tomatoes,
I again was working on.
This time with a little
 Basil-Garlic Tomato Sauce.
You can find the recipe Here.
It smelled absolutely yummy.
I am hoping it tastes just as
I have also been doing a bit
of sewing for the Black Cat Crossing Hop
over at Sew We Quilt
coming up reallllly soon. 

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  1. I love the light color of the wood. I think lighter pieces make a room seem larger. Looking great so far.

  2. Love the ladder idea. I've been hunting for one myself with no luck so far but maybe I need to look at bunk bed ladders instead. Thanks for the idea.

  3. LOL, I love the nightstand strategically placed ! I would be tripping over it too....graceful is not my middle name either ! LOL It looks great Amy, I love the old door knob plates...what a fab idea ! The key must unlock the door that is at the end of the ladder to nowhere !

  4. Great idea to use that ladder for the quilts and an even better idea to have that cute nightstand in the right spot to stop the tripping (I would have tripped, too.) My Monkey Boys would love that climb to nowhere! It all looks so good!

  5. I've looked and looked for a ladder - never thought about one for a bunk bed! blessings, marlene

  6. Fabulous ladder for quilt display. Love the little chest of drawers to hold supplies. Creative Bliss...

  7. looking inviting, cozy, and filled with YOUR passion....I expect great things .....wink

  8. I love ladders for my quilts. I have 3 now. Just bought the 3rd one at an auction this summer for $2 but don't have it in use yet... I will soon! Love how special yours is. I bet the tomatoes are yummy this winter too!