Friday, December 6, 2013

My First Tammy Bags

Oh, where exactly does the time fly?
I have been helping my kiddos finish up
their semester work, helping them study and
squeezing a few hours in of sewing.
I have a few special little girlies who I
did get a couple presents completed for.

It is my very first Tammy Bag. 
Isn't it so cute? 
I just love this Riley Blake material. 
So appropriate for a little girl.
I also finished up another
If you can guess what the recipient of this loves?
Hard to figure out, right?
My niece picked out the material a
couple months back and I was waiting to
work up one of these adorable bags up with it.
I used Aurifil 12 wt. to sew the frame onto
the purse.  It worked like a charm.
Plus the colors that I had used for
my hexagon quilt matched beautiful.
I plan to add a couple lip glosses
and maybe a finger nail polish to each of them.
A great little gift for any age girl.
I know that I will have to make myself
one to put my make-up in.
The pattern was super easy and only took a little
more than a couple hours to whip up. 
The hand sewing took the longest.
(I, of course, cheated a bit
and only hand sewed the purse frame)
They were well worth the time.

Only 18 days left!!!
Back to the Workshop.

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  1. Sew CUTE! I love the kitties on the second one ~ and the first one is adorable!

  2. Those bags are sew sweet! My daughter loves cats, too. Great job, Amy Elf!

  3. Your bags are so cute. Lucky ladies that will carry them.

  4. Oh Amy, the second one with the cats is my favourite!!! Great, they are addictive, these bags.... I have been sewing ! purses, a little bit smaller than the Tammy, and they are all GONE! Not even one left for me, time to sew some more.....
    Greetings from Switzerland

  5. Great bags Amy, they will be much admired I bet!

  6. I just adore these bags. This is on my learn to do list.

  7. Adorable! These will make amazing presents. :-)

  8. Those Tammy Bags are incredible. They are so pretty and probably the perfect gift for little girls.

  9. Excellent job on your first Tammy bags. These are wonderful gifts. December Delights...

  10. Darling - both of them! I think I might have another couple of handles for those...I should make them up for Christmas. :) blessings, marlene

  11. Those are so cute! Two girls are going to be very happy!

  12. I love your bags and still use mine daily! Happy little girls!

  13. The cutest little bag ever and I love all the frames you can purchase for these cuties!

  14. Adorable - I've made one and really need to make more after seeing your variations here.

  15. this is BEYOND adorable! i love these!

  16. I came across your blog while on another one and just love your lovely little Tammy bags. They are just adorable.

    I would love to have you to link up at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop:
    I hope you can make it!
    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  17. Those are so, so darling! I hope the girls loved them! Thanks for linking up!

    xo -E