Friday, July 19, 2013

Summertime Hand Sewing

Summer is in full swing here with beautiful weather, blooms and a few finishes.  I have been busy hand sewing all week.  I finished up two of those vintage style tea towels. 
Can I say again, I love these patterns.  They don't require a lot of your time and they turn out super cute.  Oh, and isn't that little cup so stylish with her little bow and eye lashes.  The blackberries are freshly picked off our bushes.  I am assuming that they were quite tasty because the berry bandits sniped them shortly after I snapped some pictures.

I started the third towel and of course how could I forget my hexies.  I think that there are only two more hexies flowers left to sew together.  (Maybe) As I said before, a small hexie project has turned into a LARGE one.  I really can't wait to show all of you next month. 
How can I leave you without some summer blooms, but I can't claim this gorgeous lily for my own.  My sister has quite a green thumb when it comes to her flower and veggie garden.  This is just one.....
of many!!!!!
Look at how many blooms was on one lily plant.  Just beautiful!! It was it's own bouquet.  There had to be 40+ blooms on the one stem.
Hope you are having a great summer or winter depending on which part of the world you live!  ;)

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  1. Such cute kitchen towels. I must get back into embroidery. What fabulous flowers - my goodness 40+ lilies! Wow! Look forward to seeing your hexie project, and thanks for linking to Hexie Friday.

  2. Those tea towels are so sweet!! I love vintage embroidery patterns!

  3. Love the vintage towels, great colors for those. The Lilies are just gorgeous.

  4. Love the towels...too cute! The lilies are so beautiful!

  5. Awww Your embroidery is adorable. I remember learning to embroidery from my grandma and she started me on tea towels. Memories!

  6. Your towels are very cute ! I have some my Mom embroidered years ago, very precious to me. I'm still working on hohoho blog hop and still haven't started my hexie.

  7. Your towels are too cute. Love your lilies too. How beautiful they are all on their own without any help. I will have to start some hexies now for sure! There are so many cute designs out there for them and EVERYBODY is doing it!! I don't want to be left out! :) :)

  8. Those tea towels are so cute! I love hand sewing. It is so relaxing. You did a beautiful job! Thank you for linking up and congrats on a great finish!

    xo -E


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