Sunday, August 19, 2012

Potholders and Pineapples

Look at the huge stack of Ring Around the Rosie potholders!  All finished up and ready for Christmas.  Yes, I know a little early, but life seems to get so busy once the school bell rings. 

I made a total of 29, a whole rainbow of colors. The funky orange and green ones are for my hubby.  Yes, camo and hunter orange, what else. (Maybe, that can get him to cook a bit more!  If only.)   I finished those all up and started a new crochet project.

My mother-in-law wanted a purple afghan.  She is unable to crochet, so I knew exactly what I was going to make her for Christmas.  My hubby picked the purple (his mother's favorite) and I went to work.  I decided to use a Pineapple pattern book that has been collecting dust.  I have always loved any crochet pattern with pineapples in them.  My Grandma would make us pineapple doilies for Christmas or birthdays.  They were the best gifts that Grandma would give us.  Each doily is a treasure that I adored then and now.

 I realized while I was crocheting that I have been crocheting for more years of my life than I have not.   Which seems really strange to me!  I am really close to getting this all finished up.  I have about 15 more rows and a edge border to finish.  I can't wait to get this all done and mark another present finished for Christmas. 

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  1. The pot holders are darling. Good for you getting Christmas started! I love the purple afghan. You do lovely work!

  2. Love the purple afhgan. Do you remember where you got the pattern?

  3. New follower. Great idea for Christmas gifts.

  4. Love the purple and the pineapple!

    I'm a new follower from the WW Hop. Hope you can stop by

  5. Love your potholders and I think the purple blanket will be a success!

  6. Great accomplishment! congrats!

  7. It's great that you're ahead in the run to Christmas! The Pot holders are very pretty! Wow! You must be able to make those in your sleep by now!! Beautiful purple blanket...a love ly gift!


  8. Hi Amy,
    I love the pinaple purple blanket, so pretty.The pothholders are amazing.
    Have a look at my blog I’ll be so glad.

    Hugs from Portugal

    Ana Love Craft

  9. Beautiful, Amy! I really love the afghan and the pineapple stitch. Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!

  10. I simply love the Afghan. Purple is of course my favorite color and the pineapple pattern is to die for.