Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The 12th and Final Block of the It's a "Wild" Life BOM

Well, Can you believe 
that this is the final block to the 
This has been such a great adventure.
It has definitely been a little "Wild".

I am the lucky designer to close out our 
BOM for 2018.
It is called
"Forest of Trees"

It is 12 1/2" x 60 1/2".
You can find the pattern HERE
 The row of blocks is a mix between 
paper pieced and standard pieced.
So, it might be a new adventure 
for some of you.
but you will absolutely love the 
end result.

This block is available for free for the
entire month of January 2019.
After that, it will be available for 
a small fee.

Here are the rest of the 
previous month's blocks.


A Midnight Picnic can be found 

 "Wishful Love"
You can find the pattern HERE.  

I "Moose" Go Camping
You can find the pattern Here.

September's Block 

He's so Foxy!!
You can find the pattern HERE.

August's Block
Home at the Cabin
You can find the pattern HERE.

July's Block

You can find the pattern HERE.

June's Block

Owl Tree block.
The pattern can be found HERE

May's Block

Bear Paw
The pattern can be found HERE.

April's Blocks

The Big Tree and 
Little Tree Stand Tall
The pattern can be found HERE
and HERE.

March's Block 

Deer Meadow
The pattern can be found HERE.

February's Blocks

 Maple Leaves.
The pattern for the block can be found HERE.

All of my blocks are created using beautiful fabrics,
by one of our BOM sponsors

It is a mix of my stash and
Lori Holt's Bee Basics,
Lori Holt's Bee Backgrounds,
and Outdoors Wood Grain in Cream.
I am also using a variety 
of different Aurifil Threads. 
To find the whole schedule for
the 2018 BOM, click HERE!
There are no sign ups,
just follow my blog to
to get access to the block when
they are released.

Here is the design layout for all of the blocks
released.  You do not have to 
follow the layout, but it 
is there for your convenience.

Here are the designers that will
be participating this year.

Feel free to join us on
Facebook as well,
HERE is our group.

Be sure to
Add your blocks to the link party below
for a chance to win
a fabric surprise from this
month's sponsor.
Very soon we will also be announcing
the 2019 BOM theme. 
We are so excited!!

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  1. My trees are done, but not the borders around them. Then it's off to put them together...whew! Such a fun row!

  2. I missed a couple blocks. My fault. Now that Craftsy is gone will you have a way for people to pick up missed parts?