Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Quilter's Meet and Greet

Hello and Welcome to the

If you have never been here before, 
or you are one of my old friends, 
Welcome to my blog
Sew Incredibly Crazy.
My name is Amy.

I never knew how fitting that
blog name would be when I 
chose it 6 years ago.

I really love to create.
I started quilting on a whim.
I entered a contest that Moda 
was having and I happened on
being in the top 10.
This jolted me into quilting.
I have never taken a quilting/sewing class
in my life unless you count 6th grade 
Home Ec.  Which I just found out
from my quilting friends is just odd.
(Hence the blog name) 

I have created a number of items in 
the past 6 years, but my absolute favorite has
been this one.

It is called Nutty Christmas.
It was designed and sewn by yours truly
and quilted by the super talented Jeanette Parker.
You can find the pattern to the quilt Here.

The reason I chose this quilt is because, 
it makes me feel like I am truly a quilt designer.
I never had that feeling until I created this cutie.

The inspiration came from my children who 
just love nutcrackers. 
Only problem is, I will have to make 
a couple more of these so each of us can have 
one to enjoy.
They have a tendency to claim everything 
I make. 

My favorite technique is applique.
Here are just a few of my other quilts.

I am also a Thermoweb designer, 
which I love.  They are always so very good 
to their designers.  Here is a 
leaf garland that is a free project I 
created over at Thermoweb

I am also an Island Batik Ambassador, 

This is my first year creating with them, 
and it has been an absolute pleasure. 

One project that I took on three years ago was
to have a Block of the Month.
  A couple designer and I
 have had themes of -  In Our Garden
Sun, Sand, and Sea, and this year is 
I absolutely love being able to work
with such talented ladies that
push me to be a better designer and
are women that I get to call my friends.

If you are new, feel free to stop and
check out some more of my blog.
You can also find me on 
and also we have a Facebook page for our BOM.
I also sell my patterns on 

If you want to see more quilters to 
meet and greet.
Stop in HERE.
There is a whole line up
of great quilter participating.

If that is not all, there is a huge giveaway
going on as well. 

Stop in HERE.  
To check it out.


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  1. I have followed you for a long time, but sorry I rarely comment. I love the quilts you create. Thanks for being part of the hop.
    xx, Carol

  2. I love your whimsy and attention to detail. Your designs are so much fun to stitch. Best yet, I get to call you my neighbor! :-)

  3. I collected the sun sand and sea blocks, but have not had time to make it yet. I keep collecting patterns for when I retire!. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You know I love all things you do! xo

  5. Love your work! So original, fun and bright.

  6. It has been nice to get reacquainted with so many of your works. I love those nutcrackers.

  7. Hello, Amy!! Your Nutty Christmas quilt is one you should be proud of! It's adorable! I also love the fish. How fun!!

  8. Lovely to meet you and your blog. Love your projects. Love the Nutty Christmas the best of all.

  9. I see we have a quilt alike. The only difference... your Circle Denim quilt is FINISHED!!! (In my defense, mine is two to four times bigger than yours.) You have lots of great projects and I'm looking forward to browsing more on your blog!

  10. So nice to know more about you! I'm a long time follower, not commenting so often, but following ;) Love your Nutcrackers!

  11. Love your quilts. I'm partial to applique and scrap quilting myself.

  12. Lovely quilts. I'm a fusible-web appliquer, too. (And I've bought library furniture from Scott, who helped invent Heat 'n' Bond. :)) If my junior high home ec experience were all I had to go on I would neither cook nor sew. Fortunately I got over the trauma of those courses and enjoy both activities tremendously.

  13. Marvelous quilts, the Nutty Christmas one is so cute! Visiting from the Meet and Greet.

  14. Your Nutcracker quilt is great!!

  15. I love your nutcracker quilt! I use to collect nutcrackers. I enjoyed your Blog. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Your nutcracker quilt is wonderful fun! Thank you so much for having us over for a visit with you.

  17. You are a wonderful and accomplished quilter and designer. I'm shocked to hear that it's such a 'new' endeavor. Sew Incredibly Crazy is such a cute blog name; I'm glad to learn that you are a bit crazy as well as incredible.

  18. Thanks so much for sharing, Amy - your Nutty Christmas design is wonderful!
    Thanks for being part of the Quilters Meet & Greet! <3

  19. Wow!! have followed your for good while..but learned alot of cool things about you here!! Awesome!! Love your Nutcracker quilt too...Beautiful!! :)

  20. I think I love your Koi pattern. Beautiful work

  21. Your Nutty Christmas is adorable! I love those colors!