Sunday, May 28, 2017

Two Years in the Making

I try my hardest to finish
quilts that I start.
I do have a few quilt tops that
have yet to be quilted.

This monster of a quilt sat in
my quilting room closet for
two long years.
I had every intention of quilting it
by hand because of it's size.

It is 118" x 102".
My poor sewing machine would
never be able to handle it.
Or maybe like, I would not be able to. 

I looked at it several times,
thinking, I will never finish this
and that would just not do.

So, I packed it up and sent it off
to be quilted.
(Let me tell you, it
wasn't easy to let it go)
This was to be the first quilt that
I had not quilted.

I just got it back a few days ago and
have had it long enough to put the
binding on it.

I absolutely love the way it turned out.
I chose a poppy design for the entire quilt.

It would have taken me years to complete
and I would have never been able
to give it to its intended owner
without knowing my limitations.

And so Here is my big Finish!
(I hope my parents are enjoying
their new quilt.  Only a few years late!!)

A big thank you to Missouri Star Quilt Company
for taking such good care of it.

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  1. It is beautiful. I like that poppy quilting design you selected too.

  2. What a lovely quilt and one of the largest quilts I have heard of! There are times when we quilters need to ask for a bit of help to complete what we have begun and I am sure your parents are enjoying every night they sleep under it.

  3. What a beautiful quilt and well worth getting finished! Sometimes we have to let go and do what is most logical, easy and needed. I just sent a quilt out because I knew I could never do it justice!

  4. Hi Amy!
    I just sent my first quilt out to a longarmer. Can't wait to see the final result.
    I bet your parents are thrilled!

  5. a lovely quilt like you I have quilts waiting to be quilted for couple or more years now

  6. Yay! And now it's d-o-n-e! And gorgeous!