Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Coffee + Me = Awesome Quilt Pattern and Winners

I finally had a chance
to write a pattern
for a quilt that I had
sitting around the house.

I have loved the pattern to
this quilt for quite some time
and never had a chance to write it up.

I sent the pattern to one
of my dear quilting friends,
she wanted to sew it up for me
to test to out.

I never expected that she would
have the quilt top completed within a day's time.

Then, she had it
quilted and bound within a week.
I absolutely love the way hers
turned out, but I am not going to show you
the whole quilt. 
I will let you stop by her blog and check out
her version of my pattern.

I am really loving the
cup and heart
in shades of aqua and red.

If you would like to pick up  the pattern it is one sale
until February 14th.
Your little Valentine's present from me. 
You can find it HERE.

And if you haven't notice the other goings
on we have a new Block of the Month
happening as we speak.
Sun, Sand, and Sea.

Here is the first block,
Hello Sunshine!
It is not too late to join in the fun,
since we just began on
February 1st.
The pattern can be found HERE.

We are having prizes for
this hop as well, so.. (hint, hint)
You might be lucky enough to
pick yourself up
a lovely little gift for yourself.

Also, I am drawing
the winners for
the December and January link party
for the In Our Garden BOM.
They are Donna Valencich
and Angela Belcher.

Donna Valencich and Janice Grygla will each
be sent a beautiful set of fabrics
of Henry Glass fabrics.
I am sure she will have a ball with them all.

Angela will be getting
a thread set donated by Aurifil threads
and a handy thread chart.

Thank you to all of you who kept up
with the block of the month
and I hope you plan on joining us for
the 2017 BOM.

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  1. Joan did an amazing job on her quilt and your version is so beautiful, too! Congratulations to Angela!

  2. Ohhhh...I love yours with the red cup! Now I want to make another one! LOL!! Thanks for letting me play!

  3. great pattern Amy. Gotta go check out Joan's now!! and your link to buy it.

  4. I really like that pattern, Amy. I bought it!! Also, I like the Sun, Sand, and Sea ... will you be having the new patterns on your blog the first of every month or do we need to sign up somewhere for it? I've been a follower for awhile so I would see it if it's here ... just curious. Thanks for sharing. Love what you do.

  5. Congratulations to Donna and Angela. I missed November's winner. Who won that one? Congratulations to them as well. I have my In Our Garden top done and the quilt is in line for finishing.

  6. Saw it at Joan's. Cute. About what are the dimensions? Not noted on pattern.