Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Road Home Catch-Up and A Christmas Quilt

Well,  Let's just say
the return home after a mini-vacation
was not as smooth as I thought
it would be. 
After 7 hours with tech support,
let's just say that my computer officially
croaked. And I don't mean this
kind of croak. 

It completely bit the dust,
along with most of my sanity. 
After the replacement, I do now
believe that life is all
back to normal, well mostly. 

So while we were away,
a quilt actually took a vacation with us.
It is the first to hit the road.

A beautiful bright Christmas Quilt,
filled with fabrics by Blend. 
You can head over to Therm O Web
to see a tutorial on how I
created it.

Now, on to my catch-up of the
The Road Home Row Along
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Happy Hopping!!

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  1. Oh no! Does that mean you need to relearn everything too? Sigh!

    Your Road Home row is so cute. It won't be long before the dashing through the snow will be for real.

  2. My computer is limping along as I baby it to last just a bit longer. I love getting a new computer, but setting it up is such a pain. Your beautiful quilt looks like it had a wonderful vacation!