Monday, September 28, 2015

EQ7: Seasons Row-A-Long & Giveaways

Welcome to my day of the
This is the final week to share
the rows that have been created.
I hope that you had a chance to check out
all the previous week's rows.  You can find the schedule here.
Thanks to Maria at Seams To Be Sew.  She has worked hard to get
amazing sponsors for this blog hop.
You can also see some blocks and color inspiration
  Facebook and Flickr.
Were you able to figure out what my row is?
I gave a few hints.
I choose Summer, because
it means time to enjoy my family with
absolutely no distractions.
Just the Water and a time or two in the Sand.
(It's hard to find much sand next to water in Colorado.)
This is my row.

 A little Waves and Flip Floppin' Fun!
It is relatively easy pieced row
with a little applique.
I have had EQ7 for about three years.
I am no expert at it,
but all the quilts that I complete are
ones that I have drawn up in EQ7 first.
For this, it was no different.
I knew that I wanted water in my
block.  For me it represents fishing trips,
swimming pools and summer vacations.
I just love the water.
When looking through EQ, I notices that the
Monkey Wrench block resembled a wave.
I thought that I would build on a block
that was already in EQ.
First, I added that block in my sketchbook.
Then, I started working away.
I like to go to the coloring option on the block
to see what I need to do to change it around.
I know that the block is close,
but I need to change a few things.
After changing the color on a few areas and adding a line or two,
I ended up with this. 
This is close, but I knew that I wanted
to add Flip Flops and change the row
a bit.
 That is one the great features of EQ7.
You can edit parts of the block by using the arrow in the upper left corner
and making a box around that area.
In  this picture, I rotated the inner box.
You can manipulate and play with
the blocks that are already in the EQ7 Library.
I could play and manipulate
different blocks and colors for hours.
This is the final block that I created.
It is a mix between piecing and applique.
You can find my FREE Row pattern HERE.   
You will have to register on Craftsy in order to get the pattern.
Instead of using applique on the flip flop strap,
I used DecoFoil in Lime. 
It adds a bit of bling to the block.

And NOW For the Giveaways!!
Northcott fabrics is giving one lucky recipient, 6-8 pieces of fabric at 1 yard lengths each. You may  
only enter once. In other words, if you enter it here, do not enter it at the other blogs.
This giveaway is at all the featured blogs today.

The Fat Quarter Shop is generously giving away a $25 gift certificate to one 
lucky winner who enters the giveaway below. Thanks Fat Quarter Shop!
You can only enter once at this blog. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

I am a designer over at Therm-O-Web and they have graciously sponsored at
giveaway of the following.
7 colors of our iCraft® Deco Foil™ Transfer Sheets (their choice of colors) a $35.00 value
1 bottle of our iCraft® Deco Foil™ Liquid Adhesive – a $4.99 value
1 pack of our iCraft® Deco Foil™ Hot Melt Adhesive Sheets – a $4.99 value
1 pack of our HeatnBond® Ultra 1 yard pack – a $2.99 value
1 pack of our HeatnBond® Lite 1 yard pack – a $4.99 value
1 pack of our StitchnSew™ Interfacing 1 yard pack a $5.49 value
Total Value over $70.00
Because of the limitation of shipping sprays and adhesives overseas,
this gift is limited to the USA (within the 48 contiguous states) and Canada Only.
All of the below go to one lucky recipient

And lastly, how would you like to
win EQ7?
The folks over at EQ are giving away
this amazing software.
You need to hop over HERE
and enter to win.
Electric Quilt Tutorial is offering a tutorial on placing your rows in a quilt.
They will also feature a .blk library file
of 96% of the rows we offered during EQ Seasons.

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"Sew" glad that you stopped by!!

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  1. I have not used Therm-O-Web products but I'd love to try them.

  2. I have not used Therm-O-Web products, but would certainly like to give them a go!

  3. I've not used Therm-O-Web products before. Those foil transfers look interesting.

  4. I have used heat and bond products and they are my favorite fusible.

  5. I have used HeatnBond but not the other products.

  6. Your row turned out beautifully, Amy! I love a project that contains piecing and applique. I use HeatnBond for all my applique.

  7. I've not used this product before. Love your row.

  8. I've not used this product before. Love your row.

  9. I used Heat n Bond Lite all the time, would love to try the other products too!

  10. It would be great to win some Therm-O-Web!

  11. wow your block is so wonderfully happy and fun
    thanks for sharing the pattern

  12. I've used a tiny bind of bonding, although fusible applique and I don't seem to get along (like growing zuchini...everyone has too many and my plants struggle) but I'd love to give it another try! Your row is too cute, thank for sharing! Beth @ Words & Stitches

  13. Love your block, Amy. Yes, I have used several of their products. I use Heat n Bond Lite and Stitch n Sew all the time. thanks for the giveaways.

  14. I have not used or heard of Thermal products, but sure could give it a go if I were lucky enough to win. I'm always open to some new for quilting/sewing

  15. I have never use Thermal Web products. I have a few patterns that call for it, but it is hard to find around where I live.

    senstrings (at) yahoo (dot) com

  16. Hi Amy I'm starting to quilt more now, I have finally retired. What are the reason behind all the quilting in a row?
    What would you use them for other than a border on a quilt. I have noticed a lot of them are labor intensive.
    Thanks for the listing of the great giveaways. I think the wave would be adorable on a rubber duckie baby

  17. Amy, That (-) should not be there for my profile. would you pleas let me know if I'm coming up a no-reply blogger again.

  18. I've used Thermal Web products! Cute, cute row, Amy! I sewed it, of course. :O)

    1. I have not used Therm-o-web products but would love to try them. Thanks.

  19. No...haven't tried Therm-o-web yet..thanks for chance to win your Give-a-way tho! :)

  20. Am a new quilter and have never used Therm-o-Web products but will in the future.

  21. I love Therm-o-Web's Heat and Bond. My go to supply for applique.

  22. This is just one of those rows that stood out. Fun, cute and whimsical all at the same time. It's been a sheer pleasure not only having you as my assistant in EQ Seasons Row-Along, but to also have your knowledge and help has been an honor for me. I can't thank you enough for all of your advice, help, and ideas. You've been amazing. I hope we get to work together again.


  23. I have never used Therm-o-Web but it looks like a fantastic product! Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  24. A girl after my own heart.... flip flops and water... doesn't get any better for summer than that! Love, love, love the row. I used it in my quilt. :)

  25. Yes I have used Therm-o-web it is wonderful!!

  26. I've used a few Therm-o-web products.

  27. I have used HeatnBond, but I have never tried Deco-Foils. Those look like fun! I love the Surf and Sand theme of your row! I am planning a trip to Hawaii next year...I could see this row becoming part of a memory quilt after that trip! Thank you for sharing!

  28. Yes, I have used the products and love them!

  29. No, I have never used Therm-o-web products. Love your row!

  30. I use Heat and Bond alot, need to check out the foils!
    Thank you!!

  31. I have never used their products before.

  32. I have used Heat n Bond but not the Deco Foil items. Would like to give them a try sometime.

  33. I use the Heat n Bond, but haven't seen the Deco Foil you used.

  34. I have used a variety of bond products, but never Thermoweb. I'll have to give it a try!

  35. I use Heat n Bond for every applique I do. Can't say I've ever seen the Deco Foil though.

  36. I love how you took a block and changed it to make it your own! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!

  37. I've used the Heat n Bond but not the other products.

  38. I've never used Thermoweb products. Haven't learned to do applique yet. Thanks.

  39. Yes, I have used many Thermo Web products and I know that it's a name brand that I can count on, so it's always my first choice!

  40. I have not used Thermoweb yet. Hoping to try it out if I win. Thanks for the chance.

  41. I have never used Thermoweb. Love the look on your sandals though.

  42. I've use a few Thermo Web proucts. I had good success with them.

  43. Lovely row! I think that I will try this pattern with Batman fabric.

  44. I have not used Thermo Web before, but the Deco Foil seems similar to a product that was out years ago. The only difference was with that product you used glue, let it dry till tacky, then placed the foil over it and rubbed. It made really neat glittery areas on the fabric. Never used that either, but that's when I thought of when I saw the deco foil.

  45. I have not used Thermo Web products but would sure like to try! I don't do too many fusible projects but I do have a few in mind to try!

  46. Many thanks for your row. I love the fact that it is both pieced and appliqued.

  47. I have not tried Thermo Web Products, but would love to try!

  48. I haven't used the Thermoweb foil but will be looking for it so I can try it.

  49. I'm intrigued by your lime green "bling." Have used several products but not the foil.

  50. I'm intrigued by your lime green "bling." Have used several products but not the foil.

  51. I too enjoy your row, but I have not used Thermo web before.

  52. Yes, I've used Thermoweb products before. They are great products.

    lin.web.28 at gmail dot com

  53. Love those flip flops! Great row! I have used Heat n bond. I am curious about how to use the foil in a quilt/fabric project.

  54. I have not used these products. I love the EQ tutorials. I am a new owner of EQ7 and need additonal instruction on how to use it.

  55. I have not used the products but can's wait to try them

  56. I use Heat n Bond Lite for all my fusible applique. Have not tried any foils yet. Would love to though.

  57. For some reason, when I click on the link to go to craftsy to download your row, all I get is r.f1x1. If I try to search Craftsy for the row by row pattern, it doesn't come up. I haven't had a problem getting the other rows, just this one. Any suggestions? Thanks a million for these wonderful row by row patterns. Just loving how they all look.

    Terri at the Drake's Nest in Palm Bay, FL

  58. Thanks for offering a prize that I haven't had the opportunity to try yet. 😊

  59. Thanks for offering a prize that I haven't had the opportunity to try yet. 😊

  60. Yes I have used thermoweb products before great product..TY....MARTHAIa

  61. I really like Therm o Web products. They are all great.

  62. Amy, I have never used it. This is the first time I have heard of it

  63. Yes I use thermoweb. Thank you for your tutorials.

  64. Yes, I have used Thermoweb fusibles. Great stuff!

  65. Have never used Thermoweb. Would love to win some and give it a try.

  66. I have used several of their products. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  67. I have used several of their products. I would love to try out more
    thank you

  68. I have never used Thermo-web, but would like to try.

    determineddebby at gmail dot com

  69. What an awesome package from Therm-O-Web. I'm impressed! Pick me!!!!

  70. No, I haven't yet! But if I win it..... Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist @

  71. Thermo Web I've not yet tried. Thank you for the opportunity.


  72. Yes,purses and hotpads. Thanks.