Saturday, August 15, 2015

My First Rag Quilt

 Have you ever wondered what
30 yards of material and over a
mile of purple Aurifil thread
looks like?
The question swirled through
my mind for 12 weeks.
I am talking about my very
first commissioned quilt.
They have been collecting
Crown Royal bags for
many years and wanted
to have a quilt made from them.
The request was to make it a
rag quilt. 
Well, here it is all finished up.
It is another huge king sized quilt
and probably the hardest
one that I  have ever
finished for a number of reasons.
It was super heavy to sew after it started
getting so big.
During the photos,
my helpers arms were super tired
from holding it up. 
After the pictures were taken,
 I spent 6 hours clipping all the seams. 
It was for a special birthday and I heard that they loved it,
but it might have to be 30 below to use it.  

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  1. WOW! You did an amazing job. How many royal crown bags did you use?

  2. Such a feat! It turned out AMAZING! You've outdone yourself again!

  3. That is amazing. I can imagine how warm it must be.

  4. Great job! Your quilt looks wonderful! That was quite the project to take on.

  5. Wow, that is just amazing! I've really wanted to try a quilt like that for a long time. Perhaps once fall arrives I will have more time to try it. Yours is beautiful!

  6. Wow is right! That is a huge quilt. I have a friend who has been saving Crown bags also. I'll have to show her this one.
    Looks pretty cool.