Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stitchin' and Finishin'

I have been working
right along on my
Here we have Block #8
Block # 9


 and Blocks #1-11

I am not so sure about the last one, but
I am committing to it.
It went a little to the dark side. 
I also had a
quilt finish.  Yeah!!

My Iris Snowballs are
all finished up.

I didn't do anything
fancy with the quilting
because it
went to my nephew for his graduation present.
He loves the color purple,
and I thought with the black and grey,
it could definitely pass as
a quilt for a fella.
He loved it.

I will be using this Accuquilt
Die again in the foreseeable future.
It is so much easier and accurate than cutting them
by hand.

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  1. Beautiful and timely. I was cleaning out my hall closet yesterday and ran across all my cross stitch supplies and a cross stitched baby blanket I began for my first baby way back in 1989. I never finished it. I'm wondering should I try to finish it for my third grandchild due in December? ;)

  2. I have a few samplers of my own from years ago and a few unfinished too! Yours looks very unquie and a pattern that would be fun! I think I might invest in that die I really love the quilt you made and I have a go and a few dies but just haven't gotten into it yet. That sounds bad huh but I see you make so really beautiful quilts with your!

  3. Your quilting looks just perfect on the purple gift quilt ! I worked a little on my cross stitch while we were traveling, I have 7 finished...I think. I love your colors. soft and sweet like you ! Bless you today !