Monday, September 9, 2013

Not a Whole lot of Sewing going on.....and Pin it!

Sew, there has been zero sewing going on at my home because
 hubby and I have been working on a little something......   

A little remodeling

From two closets to one larger one

Hubby and I worked on it for a good day and finished it this far.  We went from a small not very useful linen closet and made a bedroom closet a little larger and more functional. 
I absolutely love doing projects like this
I guess you could say that it is in my blood.

Hoping we get it all finished up by the end on the week. 
And if you are looking for a bit of sewing inspiration the Pin-it hop starts tomorrow. 
  I am (thank goodness) all finished with my little pincushion
and can't wait to show it to you next week.
 Here is the schedule. 

September 10

September 11

September 12

September 13

September 16


Have a fun hoppin' time.

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  1. As weird as it is, I love doing work like that too! It's so invigorating, and I feel so accomplished when I get the job done :)

  2. You aren't the only one that likes doing that kind of work. I used to do it all the time with my Dad. I miss it now.

  3. I used to help my Dad do things like that as well. My husband only works cattle, he helps me carpenter. You learned from your Dad didn't you?

  4. I like DIY and we are in the process of remodelling bits of our home. Now our children are all grown and we only have one still living with us it is the perfect time to get the house just how we want it.


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