Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scrap Happy Shoes Tutorial

If you need to do a quick fix on a pair of shoes or just want to make them a little more fun, have I got the tutorial for you.  First you need a pair of shoes.  Our shoes were slightly injured in some outdoor activities.
Here are the supplies that you will need:  Mod Podge, fabric scraps, scissors, a paint brush and x-acto or utility knife.
Before, you begin you need to clean the shoes really well.  Cover the area in which you would like to put the fabric generously with glue.  I cut the fabric in stripes for the desired pattern I wanted.
After you are finished covering the area with fabric, cover it with more of the Mod Podge.

I then trimmed the excess fabric off with a sharp pair of scissors.  Make sure that you wash the scissors off well after you cut the fabric.
I wanted to add a little variation to the front of the shoes, so I cut out three little hearts to add to the toe and did the same as above.

Last, I decided to add a little bling to the back of the shoe.

And there you have it, cute Scrap Happy Shoes!!
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